Custom Scholars...

Yo all! I am looking for some cards to add to my custom card set and I am starting with the R/U faction: The Scholar's guild.
The competitive strategy would look something like the jeskai but with a little more focus on buffing a single creature...
It's Mechanic is Spellweave X, which gives said card a bonus if you have cast X or more spells that turn. It can appear on any card.
- I will be including the cards I really like in the set, and keep in mind I am running out of slots for R/U multicolored cards, so it is safer to to a monocolored. (Not that a multicolored won't be a valid entry)
- Feel free to take at the cards I have published to get Ideas
- Here is some lore. -The Scholars Guild.

Lead by Aldrus Kade, the Scholar's Guild was once loosely knit tribes, but Aldrus united the six tribes about twenty years ago, and they have become an increasingly large thorn in the side of the Heliud. The range of mountains where they live is called the Marai Mountain Range. On the highest peak, Mount Malkun, is The Sorcerer’s Citadel. The visible section extends high into the sky, and each of it’s windows glows with an eerie blue light. This is where Aldrus Kade resides, and he is waited on by numerous Goblins and Weirds. Beneath his palace is a gigantic room with scores of rounded tables. At each table scholars consult ideas for anything from magic to politics. The mages of the guild are both extremely competitive and adventurous. They will take just about any challenge. Especially the Goblins. The guild’s prime goal is to learn and achieve, so it's actions can manifest as just about anything as long as it's results is knowledge and/or achievement.
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