Customisation is pretty limited !

I think that there is a lack of card categories in Mtg cardsmith. The reason for this, is that the planeswalkers can only have three abilities not less, or more and all of them must be adding/removing loyality counters. The other thig is that there are no colored and double-colored lands, so every land card made is white and does not look like a real mtg card and other problem is the lack of 15 styled tokens wich are very nice. And lastly there are no vehicles, level-up creatures and Transformable lands, creatures, tokens and legendary cards, so i think that adding these new features would be a good and nice refreshment.


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    You're asking for a lot, especially in the borders category. Updating the planeswalker creator has been on the to-do list for a long while.

    The vehicle thing can be solved by enabling the P/T box when creating your artifact.

    Level-up creatures would require a massive upheaval of the current customization tool.

    Transformable lands/creatures/permanents in general currently needs to be done by creating two separate cards and then simply linking them to one another in their comments, which isn't too much of an ordeal.

    You can create tokens here:

    To make legendary cards you can find the borders here:

    And making the legendary supertype can be found here:
  • @Lujikul @dadderd I saw somebody doing level up cards on here a few days ago (wish I could remember who, but I can't and I don't think it was a major cardsmith). The formatting wasn't perfect, obviously, but they were using dropdowns and spacing to make their cards look practically the same as a real level up card (though without the borders and boxes for the power / toughness) in a really neat way. I'm not going to say it's a perfect solution by any means, but it does work.
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