I have a Question pertaining to one of my deleted cards.

Hello everyone, I have a concern about a card I had "published" a few days ago, which I had names Succumb//Illness (It was meant to be an Aftermath card like the ones from Amonkhet.) I reuploaded it this morning (or at least I think I did) with some changes to the card format, but I logged on less than an hour ago and saw that it was no longer there. Would the name possibly be the reason for that? As a disclaimer, it was not meant to be an inappropriate card. The art was an Egyptian-esque woman running from a beast that had inflicted a wound to her, which is what she would succumb to. If anyone can help me out with this, it would be much appreciated. Thanks.


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    If the artwork was questionable, that was likely the reason for its removal. The small image version I found of it appears to be very graphic (wounds/gore), it is possible it was removed for that reason.
  • Yeah. I saw it. It was a bit too gory; if people aren't able to say lesser swears because there could be children, the same applies to the quality of the images that people use.
  • Oh, I didn't know that blood could be grounds for removal of a card, good to know. I'll have to be careful with that. Huh. I honestly didn't figure that considering Magic is 13+, but I see what you guys are saying and I appreciate the advice. Thank you guys so much for taking the time to help me out!
  • Also, if certain artwork has had a request for removal, it may have fallen under that category as well... or if it received complaints.
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    Do you ever get a reason for a card's removal? I had one of mine removed today and I have to admit I'm extremely annoyed about it. The artwork wasn't risky and I keep expletives out of my cards. Just the simplest reason would've been nice instead of a blank page where the card used to sit.

    If I've accidentally violated a rule on the site, I would much prefer I know about it.

    I love the site otherwise!
  • @madstokie - What card was it? There may have been an issue with the image unrelated to lewdness, some images have been requested to be removed.
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