Uncommons Contest

Uncommons Rock... From Kird apes to rancor and to lightening bolts, Ajani's pridemate, judges familiar... Uncommons rocked when some rares well... 'flopped'

A 5 card showcase of uncommons... That's the Aim...

1st place- overall top '5 Card showcase' = 5 Favs
2nd place- best rated uncommon among uncommons. (Most likely a creature) = Favd & +1 Fav of any other card...
3rd place- best rated uncommon among uncommons. (Non creature) = Favd

1- uncommon.... (That's for those who well ya know... Always one...)
2- no spam, no tokens, no lands.
3- 5 card showcase... 5 cards max any combo of enchants Artifacts creatures instants sorc's
4- attempt to have a high standard of wording, design.
5- have fun!!! Like it needed to be said....

Contest runs for two weeks... Ends ... 07/25/15


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