Sulea, The Magiworld

(I'm not sure if I should put this in custom sets)
I have an idea. I want to make a plane using some of the more unusual or even non-existent card types. It might be an un-set if I get more silver frames.
Faction ideas:
~Puppet (W/U/B)
~Faerie (B/U/R)
~Jackal (R/G/W)
~Atog (R/U/G)
~Aurochs (B/G/W)
~Elephant (w)
~Leviathan (u)
~Horror (b)
~Elemental? (r)
~Brushwagg (g)
Conveniently, Each colour appears 3 times in the 3-colour factions.
Thank you for reading that.
I plan for a surreal world, a bit like a cross between Rezetta and Llorwyn, with more fairy-tail looking castles.
Again, thank you.


  • I created a faction of facist dreams that essentially invaded the real world and subjugated real people, forcing them to dream up new things they could create for a colonizers like contest. The contest itself petered out, but the I liked the faction itself. Is that the sort of thing that would fit here? They were Sultai.
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    This isn't my work in any way (I wasn't involved in making it), but it's probably worth seeing. Think of it as a "this is what we've got to aim for" sort of thing:
  • If anyone has asomewhat uncommon mostly red creature type. Elemental is a bit boring.
  • @MemoryHead Yes, that is quite close to my thoughts about this. I was thinking that it would be similar to that.

    On the subject, I think that the plane would have:
    Small pockets of random, like surrealist paintings or d&d's Limbo, inside the larger plane which is a bit like a fairy tale.
    Faction character 1:
    (There should be one for each 3 colour faction)
    Kenner is a completely mad puppet who is half outcast, half king, half celebrity, half fishmonger (Don't ask). He isn't a bad puppet, but he is: 1. a machine, unlike most puppets, and 2. broken. He can't think or talk properly, but he tries to help the world as best as anyone can.
  • Feel free to post cards that you think might work for the imaginary set.
  • I'd swap Dryad for Brushwagg
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