Pride Challenge

This isn't anything that I'll be scoring or offering prizes for, but it's June so here it is:

Submit some Pride-themed cards! Or a single one! Maybe an un-card! Or four! Five! Whatever, this is just for fun! Huzzah!

WUBRG casting casts kind of fit, but aren't a necessity. Have at it, and just be nice and have fun! :D


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    Happy pride!!
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  • But Liliana, you forgot to ask for consent!
  • @ElMagici, do you really think that's Liliana's style? XD
  • I want to make something symbolic, something that represents me. I'm having a devil of a time trying to come up with an idea and to find art. There's a lot of self-imposed pressure for me here because just the other day I came out to my mom. If anyone finds any art that that seems symbolic or whatnot, please send it to me.
  • @Animist gain control of a creature, nice. Throw in a splash of blue for a card like Hypersonic Dragon, block their win condition, take control of it. Profit.
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    @Ranshi922 hey, that's pretty awesome though! I hope that went well. :D

    Maybe make a card themed around coming out to start and get the gears turning? (Open the Gates, but Pride? Haha)
  • @SammySammyson, it went well enough.
    @ElMagici, I like it, but it seems a tad risque for the site.
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    Can’t figure out how to post a picture, so here’s a link.

    Here’s the Text:

    Beloved Embrace {r}{g}
    Beloved Embrace

    Encrypt (Exile this spell encrypted on a creature.)
    Encrypted creature has +4/+0, Hexproof,
    and Trample. Whenever encrypted creature attacks, discard a card, then draw a card.
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    I read a little about this month, and I don't feel that I'll do something more tasteful and respectful for all the people without trivializing. So, I will do a simple uncommon card portraying the police, the spark that ignited all of this:

  • Still having trouble trying to figure out an adequate allegory.
  • @ElMagici just as a functional thing, might be a good idea to have it one plus that the number of other creatures, or just the number. Otherwise this will die immediately. It's an interesting mechanic that I've never seen on any MTG cards. Are there any you know of with similar text?

    Great card though, and the flavor text and artwork sort of portray the dark events leading up to the Stonewall Riots.
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    @SammySammyson["power and toughness are each equal to"] Here they are.

    Removed the "other", so, when the card enters its a 1/1, and will be 4/4 with a playset of it.
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    @SammySammyson Can I just do the straight pride instead?

    Y'know, the pride for straight people.
  • I know what you’re saying @sanjaya666, but that sounded not great.
  • @Ranshi922 Like what? Being straight isn't great now?

    Sorry dude, but I still like curvy and pretty girls instead of gay men.

    What the feck has this world become smh.
  • @sanjaya666, straight pride is fine, but the general consensus is that it's like this:

    So yeah, straight pride is cool, but there are reasons that Pride month exists.
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    So yeah, just go feck a tree or a beaver while you're being pride at it.

    Good luck.
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    Please stop taking offence at the fact that marginalized and disenfranchised people are able to have a chance to speak openly and be themselves in the public eye. There's nothing wrong with being straight, but it bigotry and hatred towards those in the LGBTQ+ community will not be undermined by more straight people trying to throw a fit.
    I recommend you read the stonewall riots article that @ElMagici posted with their card.
  • @sanjaya666 Not gonna lie, this behaviour is a bit disappointing.

    Beavers are a protected species.
  • But I didn't just come here to make a statement. I brought some cards to share as well. Happy Pride month everyone!
    This card is also dedicated to a friend that passed a little over a year ago.
    This card is inspired by and featuring hidden text from Poets of the Fall's song Can You Hear Me:
    This one is just a little slice of myself I suppose. Mx is an English language neologistic honorific that does not indicate gender. I identify as genderqueer or genderfluid.
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    @sanjaya666 you do know Pride is for everyone, right? It's inclusive of all sexualities and gender identities -- that's the point in it. Straight people are welcome, as are all in the LGBTQ community. And even if it wasn't, you shouldn't be mad at a traditionally marginalized (fortunately, most of secular society is accepting of the community) group for wanting some time. It's like asking why there isn't a white history month; it's because we don't need one.

    Finally, as has been mentioned, Pride Month is to commemorate the tragic Stonewall raids that ultimately led up to the Stonewall Riots and sparked the development of protests and advocacy for the LGBTQ community to have basic rights.

    Please, before commenting on something like this, maybe do some research into the meaning behind it, and remember that Pride is for everyone to celebrate the ability to live freely and as themselves.
  • @ElMagici Thanks for the link, but I was talking about power and toughness based on creatures with the same name as a sort of "pack" mechanic. I should've worded that better, sorry!
  • I’m saying that the whole point of pride months is to acknowledge and take pride in other sexualities because of decades of ostracism. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with being proud of it, it’s just that it doesn’t carry the same history with it, and is a bit off putting when put in a context that you put it in.
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    @sanjaya666 Hey! Bisexual here. Because I like males as well as females does not mean I want inercourse with a beaver.

    Cease and desist, you unintelligent hate-filled scum.



  • @ThatOneCat don't waste your words, there will always be some people that wish unhappiness towards others.

    Isn't encrypt a bit too strong? If I understood it correctly, it's like an enchantment that can't be possibly removed by any spells because it's in exile? I still enjoy it, though. It should read as:

    Encrypt (Exile this spell card encrypted on a creature.)
  • @ArmisJoe
    It's like cipher, I think.
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