Do You Need Some Art? (Win Favorites!)

Well, the answer is yes, you do. And you can get it here. This will (hopefully) be the hub where artists and art wanters alike can hang out, grab some art, and earn favorites. Yes, favorites. I'll get to that later.

Rules! Please Read!:
The rules depend on who the art belongs to.

Art that belongs to nobody on this site:
If you have found some really awesome fan art that IS NOT WOTC art, you can post it here with artist credit.

Art that you have made:
Here is where you can earn favorites.
If you have art, PM me the image. Based on the art, I will post the number of cards needed to be favorited in order to use the artwork. Then, the person who sent me the artwork will (has to) post the cards they want favorited and the name they want to have posted for artist credit.

You can use art that has been posted and is by non-cardsmith, non-WOTC freely. When somebody sends me art, I will post a description of the art with the number of cards you have to favorite, and the owner. The owner should then post the cards he or she wants favorited. After somebody has favorited those cards and wants the artwork. They can ask for it.

Yes, there are events to win even more favorites. Whenever another cardsmith has a competition, there will be a chance I will put an event sponsoring it. For example, if an event wanted you to create let us say, bears. Putting bear art could win you EXTRA Favorites as I see fit. Even for art that is not yours. Events will be on the first comment I can post. It will be updated frequently, so please check. If you want your event to be sponsored, please PM me.

This is still in beta. If you have any recommendations, please tell me. I will update frequently, so when the name of the thread changes to something around Do You Need Some Art? V.1.1, please check up here to see what is new. I can't wait to see some art!


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    @tomigon Reactivation Chalange #52: Furry Friends
    Make 1 piece of art portraying a character and an animal friend. Win 1 favorite per piece.
    Find 5 pieces of art portraying a character and animal friend. Can only be completed once for 1 favorite.
    @murkletkins Murk’s Mega Chalange, Round 1: Laying With Your Inner Demons
    Make 1 piece of art portraying a deadly sin Win 1 favorite per piece.
    Find 5 pieces of art portraying a deadly sin. Can only be completed once for 1 favorite.
  • This seems oddly built. So you're asking for the small handful of artists on here to send specifically you art in exchange for favorites?
  • @Red_Tower
    I missed how to earn the art in the original section. It has been changed in the instruction. The idea is that people send in art, and then other people can "buy" the art by giving favorites.
  • It does seem odd @Red_Tower. I think I get it, but it's... odd.
  • I don't know, maybe the wording needs a little reworking?
  • @Red_Tower
    Sure! I think that would be a good idea as well. What are you suggesting?
  • I guess I have to break down my understanding of the idea first to make sure I can offer suggestions.

    nil: This is a place to share any non-WotC art that you find so that everyone has it as a resource (something I'm pretty sure already exists as one or two other threads)

    1: Artists on MTGCS message you privately with art they've made.
    1a: You judge the art based on certain criteria (Usagability on cards, relevance to current contests, etc?)
    1b: Based on that judgement, you assign a "favorites value" to a given piece of art.
    2: The artist posts a number of cards to the thread greater than or equal the "favorite value" of their art.
    3: You (or the artist) gives a description of the art and the "favorite value" of that art.
    4: Other users may then favorite cards from the artists post, and then requests the art from you.

    Is that all correct?
  • @Red_Tower
    In a nutshell, yes.
  • I think given how rare it is people making their own art, you should change the idea a bit. Especially since they would like to be the one to use their own artwork most likely.
  • I'm in agreement with @murkletins
    Also that whole process becomes a logistics nightmare for everyone, especially yourself.
  • @murkletins
    Okay, the thing with noncardsmith art is that anybody can use it without the main purpose of this thread, earning favorites. I think the goal is for the artists who are cardsmiths to win favorites.
  • How would you recommend how to do it, or is it a bad idea.
  • Let myself brainstorm and I'll try to get you some ideas in the next hour.
  • I don't think it's a bad idea, but I don't know that there are enough artists on here, or ones that create art often enough, for it to really see much use.
    The best thing I can think of is to have it basically be a thread to share artists, and that would include highlighting artists on the site?
  • @CrafterofTruths
    The only artist I know of on the site that is active, is Faiths_Guide. So I agree on focusing highlighting individual artists. But I think this thread needs something else to make it unique from the others like it.

    However, I can't think of anything currently. So that's disappointing.

    Unless you want to completely change the thread to be an Art search thread, where you can ask for help in exchange for giving favorites.
  • @Red_Tower
    I don't know. Right now, I need to think about it. An art search thread would be a good idea, but I think that we should do it so that it is free. You probably have experienced the so many times where you have a good idea for a card but have no art for it. If the people who help out want favorites, they could ask for them. Otherwise, I would give favorites to the people who help out the thread.
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