Build Me a Shrine

First time (basically) hosting a contest, but I was inspired by @Lujikul's An Offering to Be Made contest:
Because their contest focuses on a rarely used, exclusively printed in Kamigawa block mechanic, mine does the same with: Shrines!

Here's their page and an example of one:

So here are the rules:
1: New(ish) cards only. If you've happened to make one this year, I'll accept it, but try and be inspired by the contest!
2: No official WotC art. And please credit your artists. If you're having trouble finding the artist I'm happy to help, I've gotten pretty good at finding them.
3: Please have a version of the cards you make available on MTGCS. Other sites are fine if they format better for you, but I'd still like to be able to favorite it here.
4: No joke/Un-set cards.

That's it for the rules, feel free to post as many as you like!

First place receives four favorites of their choice
Second place receives three
Third received two
Honorable mentions will receive one as well.
I'll be favoriting all cards entered as well.
Contest ends first day of July.
EDIT: Updated prizes since there was a decent turnout.

(If you'd like to discuss the challenge, need help with art/artists, or just wanna chill and talk about magic and stuff, come join the discord server! )


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