Absolutely Pompous Royalty (Contest)

Hey, so I've been gone for a long time so here we go..........

Today I would ask you to make a card with the monarch mechanic from Conspiracy: Take the Crown.

The card must contain references and/or interactions with the monarch, whether that be punishment against the infeeble peasantry or playing everyone's favorite political game of palace coups, the choice is yours.


A few rules that aren't mentioned above:
1.) All cards are judged on a serious level, no jokes.
2.) One card lock-in, unless it's a transformation card.
3.) Have Fun!

And remember, what the commoner thinks is no match for her majesty!

Judging Begins: TBD


  • If old cards are allowed, I'd like to submit this one:
    It's based on a song that tells a story of young love putting its faith in love alone and knowing how hopeless and foolish it seems, but believing in it anyways. The card is designed to mirror that. Rushing headlong into the fray (attacking every turn), but being confident and owning it, owing to the song/card title and the monarch mechanic. "If we're fools then at least we'll be the king of them."
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    Removed one of my entries upon realising it was a one-entry challenge.
  • @ASubtleGhost
    Smart, I was waiting for this mechanic to show up.
  • @Faiths_Guide Pretty sure someone came up with something similar already. I mean, the monarch theme basically screams for that kind of mechanic to exist.
  • Liking the entries! Bump!
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    Sometimes, in awful political games like the backstabbing of the monarch, simple safety for you and your family might be the only objective you seek. As such, I fashioned a card for the nobles who think that way! They set their pursuits on joining the high ranking positions of the guards and army to gain security for themselves and their family, but have no intention of becoming the monarch themselves, or of supporting a particular monarch!
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