Respect Unused Names

Somewhat recently on Mark Rosewater's blog Blogatog there's been a discussion about the words that have yet to be used in the title of a Magic card. Your goal in this contest is to submit one or more cards, new or old, that use one of these words in the title. For example, "Tragic Accident" or "Undercover Spy." (You can use those if you want.) There is no limit on number of cards, but you can only submit one card per word. To clarify, multiple different people can use the same word; it's just that one person cannot submit two or more cards with the same word. You can pick the word you use, if you want, but I suggest you use for an additional challenge.

Below is a sampling of the words you can use, but feel free to use any other word never before in the title of a Magic card. Proper nouns don't count.

1. Cook
2. Bake
3. Ignore
4. Broil
5. Dare
6. Mostly
7. Dentist
8. Accident
9. Shout
10. Yell
11. Lawful
12. Unlawful
13. Clandestine
14. Undercover
15. Grievance
16. Projectile
17. Drizzle
18. Atrophy
19. Love
20. Beach
21. Freedom
22. Father
23. Annoy
24. Mess
25. Fantastic

This will be a long contest; the deadline is Friday, July 5.


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