Who wants a flavor text challenge? (Feedback appreciated.)

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Hello fellow cardsmiths, I started a flavor text thread over here (Link) and would like to hear your opinion on a flavor text challenge I had planned in the works. Below I will list a few versions of the challenge to aid in your decision making on which is a good idea to you!

If none are of interest, please tell myself as well!

Type A: You will post your own piece of flavor text in a card using it or alongside a card themed on it.
Type B: You will post a card for the prior piece of flavor text and then post a new piece of flavor text. The process is then repeated in a chain.
Type C: I will gather ten pieces of flavor text and post them for you to make cards from.

Note: Prizes will vary depending on which type of contest is chosen and how many cardsmiths participate. In addition to how they are distributed.

All contest types have no entry limit, but "Type B" requires you not post a card for two pieces of flavor text after your last posted entry. This is to make sure everyone gets a fair chance. In addition for "Type B", you may reserve the chance to make a card for the last piece of flavor text for 30 minutes by simply stating "I've reserved an entry for 30 mins." or something like that.

Thank you for reading!


  • B and C both sound like fun ideas!
  • I thought those would be most interesting to the community, but I'll wait to make sure more of the community is up for either.
  • I like A personally. Ten entries per person, get as many people as possible, it'd be cool.
  • Bumpity Wump

  • I'd probably go for C out of those options. A is practically just a challenge of "Make cards that have flavor text." from what I can tell and B makes you too reliant on the person before you having used flavor text that you're able and willing to work with.
  • I like option C the most.
  • I too would most enjoy C.
  • So it's determined that it will be option/type C. Thanks for your help everybody!
  • C sounds like a ton of fun.
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