Some bad ideas for upcoming magic sets


An un-set where follow Fblthp as he discovers an izzet artifact in the aftermath of War of the Spark that lets him travel across different planes.
This will be used to explore the funnier aspects of the planes of magic not delt with in the legal sets. We could see Jiangg and Mowu trying to enter the championships on Kylem, we could explore the increasingly weird forms werewolves have evolved into on Innistrad by now, see what the society of the mOnKeY gObLiNs ( of Ixalan is up to? The possibilities are endless!


Okay, this one is serious. How about, at the next aurora, something goes wrong? Lorwyn and Shadowmoor get stuck mid-cycle, and constantly flux between one side and the other?
Basically what I'm saying, is that a little aurora happens every now and then, making Lorwyn have TRANSFORMATION CARDS. How did wizards not think of this? (Or they did and are just waiting for the right time to release it)

And, finally
Hierarchies of Tarkir, Battle of Dragons, A New Tarkir:

A story about how Sidisi grows powerful enough, and with Narset's help otherthrows the hierarchy of dragons and makes tarkir iNtErEsTiNg aGaIn.
Not much to explain here. Literally everyone except the dragon weeaboos would want this. And to please those fans, we don't even have to kill the dragonlords, just drive them off to another continent or something.

How bad are these :D?


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    1. YES we do need another UN- set. I watched videos of unstable being played and it is awesome! But it is expensive. We need more un- sets.
    2. I'm chill with this idea. I started playing MTG after Instirad came out and I want more transformation cards.
    3. NO! Except a plane different then Tarkir where humanoids and monsters were fighting for rule. The monsters were in rule over the humans. And then the humans rebel.
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    I admit the third one is kind of an escapist fantasy.
  • Maro has admitted that they've got a bad habit of ruining the things players liked about a word. I also believe he mentioned at one point that they considered transform for Lorwyn/shadowmoor, but at the time it wasn't really feasible for them.
  • About sixth months ago Mark Rosewater announced that he had recently playtested a set with faeries in it. While this confirms nothing, there has been quite an amount of speculation that we might be returning to Shadowmoor very soon. If we did return to Shadowmoor, though, we certainly would not be experiencing the shift back into Lorwyn, for the Great Aurora triggers every three hundred years and Chandra is twenty three years old. Chandra visited Lorwyn, for she does appear in the set, and she appears to be at least eighteen in the art, so the transformation must have occurred very recently. Sorry for snuffing out your dreams, but I heavily doubt that we'll be seeing Lorwyn anytime soon.

    The post from MaRo:
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    You are bringer of sad news, majestic pheldagriff
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    Man, your un-set seems so UNimaginable! haha, I like puns and un-s
  • @HeroKP Turn the dragons as busty anime girls.

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