Your Spark Awakens! - Winners Posted

Hello all, I am back in full force after a 6 month "world tour" sabbatical. And for my welcome back contest, I implore all who can to create me a Legendary Creature with the ability to transform into a Planeswalker.

Pretty simple, right?..

Now for the guidelines. All entries must be of Legendary Creature type, obviously... I'm looking for uniqueness, but not OPness. Formatting, grammar, and punctuation is critical. Please don't reuse MtG artwork, and please cite your artists. I would prefer newer cards, but older creations will not be denied. No UN or joke cards, please.

There is no maximum number of entries, go crazy...

All entries are due by end of the month 2019/06/30 PDT...

3rd place winner will get 3 favorites and mentioned in the hall of fame!
2nd place winner will get 4 favorites and mentioned in the hall of fame!
1st place winner will get 5 favorites, a months subscription, and mentioned in the hall of fame!

If there is enough entries, there may be honorable mentions as well. Each honorable mentions will get 2 favorites!

ALL entries that place or get an honorable mention will get an automatic favorite from me so you can choose other cards you would like to be favorited as your reward!

For your viewing and creativity pleasure...
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