Ah, the planeswalker decks...

We, my dear cardsmiths, are here today to discus something very sad. The planeswalker decks are getting worse and worse with every set. And I don't even care about the decks themselves - I mean, they were never anything great. But the planeswalkers themselves, man! Really, have you seen the new Chandra yet?! That's the most boring red walker EVER! And then there are the planeswalker-search cards, but that's a whole other chapter.

What I want you to make is a planeswalker deck walker, whitch means:
- Converted mana cost of 6
- Beginner player playable
You can make an original character as well as someone from the official game (I'd be especialy thankfull for less explored walkers and those who never got a PW deck, but that's up on you). If you have time, please make a walker-search card as well.

And most importantly, make it interesting. No basic cards tgat hould be common, I want to see some creativity, fun and synergy. Please restore my faith in humanity, I meam planeswalker decks.


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