Block Expansion #1 - Theros [Contest] (Edited)

Welcome to the first Block Expansion contest where we visit the block of Theros!

The Block Expansion contests is a series of continuous contests where the purpose is to expand blocks from the past.
In each of these, one block is chosen and it's up to you to create cards that could have in some way been within this block.

After each contest is finished. A new block is chosen either by the last winner who then can also host that contest or by popular vote if the winner does not want to host or choose a block.

For this first Block Expansion I decided to go with the block I first became familiar to when I joined MTG, Theros.
Theros came out 2012 and was followed by Born of the Gods and Journey to Nyx within that block.
"The plane of Theros is home to brave heroes, rampaging monsters, and a pantheon of powerful gods."

image image image

Keywords of Theros Block
* Heroic
* Bestow
* Devotion
* Monstrosity
* Scry (Nowadays evergreen)
* Inspired
* Tribute
* Constellation
* Strive

Each card will be judged by the following:
* Flavor of card and artwork
* Creativity
* Balance
* Grammar and spellings

- Max 5 entries per smith
- Up to 2 old cards are allowed
- Try to provide the artist or a source for the artwork
- Each smith that have proved an entry is allowed give a vote for future not already used block. (I recommend you to vote when making your entry.)

1st place: 4 faves of your choice and the option to host the next Block Expansion with your choice of block or by popular vote.
2nd place: 3 faves of your choice
3rd place: 2 faves of your choice
Honorable mentions: 1 fave of my choice.

Deadline in ten days: 8th of July

Good Luck Smithing!

Still unused blocks
*Guilds of Ravnica
* Dominaria
* Ixalan
* Amonkhet
* Kaladesh
* Shadows over Innistrad
* Battle for Zendikar
* Khans of Tarkir
* Return to Ravnica
* Innistrad
* Scars of Mirrodin
* Zendikar
* Alara
* Shadowmoor
* Lorwyn
* Time Spiral
* Ravnica
* Kamigawa
* Mirrodin
* Onslaught
* Odyssey
* Invasion
* Masques
* Urza's block
* Tempest
* Mirage
* Ice Age



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    Only really uses constellation but interacts with inspired.

  • Giant cleric ... I see what you did there.
  • @SteampunkDragon
    Where'd you get the set symbol for the enchantment creature on MSE?
  • edited June 29
    @murkletins The set symbol is the default set symbol, I didn't use MSE.
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    Heliod's Betrayal
  • I change/remove some of the requirements since this contest have problems getting up into the air.
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    image image

    What's more Born of the Gods than the offspring of the gods?

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    Entry 1 - CONSTELLATION:


    Entry 2 - Bestow:


    Entry 3 - Devotion: Paedes of the Cobalt Tide, original name of the art piece by Taylor Payton.


    Entry 4 - Strive:


    Entry 5 - Tribute:

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    Here is my five entries:






  • Two old cards to begin with. Always happy to see some Theros block love. It's when I started magic and still one of my favorite blocks. Also, my vote for next block is Shadows over Innistrad.

  • Two old cards:

    image image

    And one new:

  • Oooh! I really like this! I'm going to put something in!
  • When I read 'Journey into nyx' on the cardsmith set symbol list, I thought Nyx was a rainforest.
  • 11 hours remain of this challenge.
  • A last final entry to the contest:
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    Cool! I love Theros! Here are a few cards:

    Bonus points to anyone who knows what myth the last one is based on without googling it. And the name of the guy is only similar to the name of the king in the myth, so just googling that name wouldn't do much for you.
  • I’ll see if I can whip something up bc my brother likes Theros. Are we going for like after the Theros arc. Bc there are some unfinished stories. Or it’s it just whatever could fit into the plane.
  • This contest is now closed for entries.
    @DoctorFro It is mainly whatever could fit in the plane. I had stricter restrictions earlier but the contest had difficulties so now it is mainly anything that can be related to the block.

    When the result is posted, the winner may continue to host the next block if he/she wants to, otherwise it will be the one in 2nd place or 3rd place. If no one wants to host the next contest I will host it based on popular vote which right now is 1 for shadows over Innistrad.
    You guys can still vote for the next block if there is one specific you want.

  • Oh nevermind then lmao. I’ll place a vote for Tarkir then.
  • I'll place a vote of Scars of Mirrodin
  • I'll vote for Battle for Zendikar.
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  • I'll vote for Tarkir
  • Did I miss the results somewhere?
  • I vote Hour of devastation
  • Going to just casually bump this.
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