July - 2019 - Play Testing

Check out this month's BLOG and give some love to our two newest Featured Cardsmiths… @Damnation and @Orzhova

There is obviously more than one way to play test your cards, but we wanted to highlight the "Cardboard Crack" method!

Enjoy and feel free to post your play testing stories right here!


  • Last Halloween, my brothers and I invited some friends over and we had a custom cube draft that was put together kind of last minute. This resulted in the custom cards having no toner, too many cheap sleeves, and “packs” that had 13-17 cards.

    The cards were all of our unfitted cards (mostly GRN) and part of the custom pool included about 5 Idea Brokers. It also had my card Gann Ceann, the Headless, which was the reason I lost.

    It was a lot of fun, and then we played Cards Against Humanity after my brother milled himself with about 10 Notion Rains.
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    Play testing is the best way to decide the power balance of cards! It also helps when you judge a contest. Those photos in the blog were taken when I was testing cards submitted to my contest.

    Playing custom cards with friends are super fun! One of my friends likes to make game/anime/movie characters into cards. We laughed so hard when I cast Fling, sacrificed Magikarp(Pokemon) and killed Qui-Gon Jinn(Star Wars).
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