Let's tell a story using only cards 3

A month or two ago, @Derain2 made a thing called 'Let's Tell a story using only cards'. I was it's main user, and basically took over the thread. I then opened a sequal, but it was not successful.
The original: http://forums.mtgcardsmith.com/discussion/4454/let-s-tell-a-story-together-using-only-cards/p1
My sequel: http://forums.mtgcardsmith.com/discussion/4496/let-s-tell-a-story-using-only-cards-2-the-mish-mash
Derain2's introduction on the first was quite good, I suggest you read it.

Guidelines (Only the first one is an actual rule.)

1. Let the cards speak for themselves. If their is important context for the cards,find a way to fit it into the flavor text.

2. Submit as many cards as you like. The more the better!

3. I usually like cards with a power level that doesn't exceed modern playable. I also think that creating interesting commons is an underrated art. Your cards don't have to be powerful, simply interesting.

Note: This part here \/ is a slightly modified version of a part of Derain2's introduction:
We are going to start this story with what every good story needs, a Character. This card doesn't need to be a legendary but it can be. Build us a card with a strong sense of person, and lets see where our journey begins!


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