Vorthos Volleyball

So I wanted to start a game of Vorthos Volleyball on the forums. It was invented by flavoracle on Tumblr and here are the rules:

"The rules are pretty simple. The first player to start a game creates a post with two things: A question about Magic flavor and a Magic card that has no flavor text. Like this!

1) How do you interpret the flavor of the mana used in Equip costs? If the equipment already exists, why does it take mana to hand it to a creature?

2) Mycoloth

Now if you want to play, you simply reblog [respond to] this post and either
A - Answer the question
B - Write some flavor text for the card
C - Or do both

After that, make sure your reblog also includes your own flavor question and card without flavor text for other players to respond to."

Anyway, let's play a game here. I'll start off.

1) What is the flavor justification for Ranger-Captain of Eos's second ability?

2) While we're at it, Ranger-Captain of Eos.



  • My theory: The ranger-Captain reveals himself as a mono-blue control player, showing off a deck full of Negates and other counterspell variants. The opposition is in shock, and accept their fate: no spells for them this turn.

    Shortly after however, the Captain's friends, having realised their gaming buddy was in fact a filthy blue control player, burn him to the stake for his crimes against fun and games.

    That's why he dies.
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    Oh btw @ASubtleGhost you should continue the game by creating a new 1) - weird that's not in the rules. Modified that
  • Otherwise someone else can continue the game by adding a new 1) and/or responding to 2)
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