Why Do I Hear Boss Music

Greetings Smiths and Smithettes

I feel that recently I haven't done these forums justice with my return, so with that in mind, here I have a contest!

The idea is to make a big scary legendary creature that is the equivalent of a bossfight, what our holy cast of characters would tackle on their way around the multiverse. This can range from things such as The Gitrog Monster to much bigger, beefier baddies such as Griselbrand.

One thing I would love to see from this would be unique, legendary abilities befitting the lore of the character in question. Bonus points if you can explain the thinking behind the card's text.

My hopes are not too high of getting submissions but that mentality will get me nowhere so here's some rules.
Maximum of 3 entries.
Contest ends July 12.
At that point, I will judge a maximum of my 3 favourite cards.
1st will get 3 favourites, 2nd will get 2, 3rd will get 1.

Happy Smithing!

Oh, and an example, made by me
A legendary crow that, when hit, instead spawns more crows. And when it's brought down to its last wings, they reform into it again. Very hard to deal with :)


  • Old cards allowed? I'll probably make a new one anyway, but just curious.
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    *I chose not to incorporate the suggestion about not being able to hardcast Marit Lage because 10 turns is a long time, and I imagine it would feel bad to draw it on turn 12 and have to wait 10 turns when instead you can have your Marit Lage and eat it too. It's not overpowered, and I think the flavor works too - you can summon Marit Lage, it just comes at a cost, right?
  • Gonna put all this in one comment for ease of access
    @Corwinnn it's nice to see you still around and thanks for submitting! I remember my first featured card ever was based off you
    @TheSuturedHeartMan Yeah old cards are indeed allowed, provided they fit the theme
    @Je_Suis_Oluwa If I may, I think you should remake it in that case. I do also think in the theme of Marit Lage, you shouldn't be able to hardcast her? him? because of the slumber. But definitely remake it I think.
    Thank you all for commenting!
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  • @Fyresis - Welcome back!
  • Shoggoth exists in the H.P. Lovecraft universe.
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    (Oops! P/T are 13/13)
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    First entry, decided to go for a bit of a Marit Lage style summoning. Lord this card was hell to format and fit on the card though haha. I'll probably make a more traditional entry at some point.

    The flavor is generally that the God of Decay is entering the world, and he draws his power from that decay.
  • Entry 1:


    Entry 2:


    Entry 3:

  • Man I forgot to check this didn't I?
    Thank you everyone for submissions!
    Also @Red_Tower if you wanted to design the card as you intended on say, MSE and post that version here as well, I'd love to see it
  • It's okay, constraint breeds creativity, so while it might be a bit weaker than I originally intended, I'm still happy enough with the result.
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    Undefeatable: Check out Alurn Story for an explanation.
    Jed: Coming soon in Alurn Story.

    Draded: Draded is a demonking, he rules on an unknown plane.
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    Here is my first entry:
    My thinking: Spasmagister would be an artificial monster with no morals ideals, or hopes. The monster's only purpose is to leech mana and energy from a plane until it dies. When Spasmagister dies, it annihilates itself and the plane it was on.
  • Here is my second entry:
    My Thinking: Burai is a demon that acts like a puppet master. She Corrupts and sacrifices others in order to further her demonic needs.
  • @AlexWright I really like the idea of Spasmagister. Really cool concept.

    and @MonkeyPirate2002 did you... seriously make... a 2 mana 3/4, flying menace, with what is a pretty large upside? Really think that considering the balancing on Solkth, this wasn't the intention of the card, but it is.... a bit game-breaking if you ask me
  • It's a boss!
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    @MonkeyPirate2002 that response cracked me up. It is probably the best answer you could have given! I just picture you with a big grin typing that.

    @Fyresis thanks for the compliment. I was super proud of Spasmagister!
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    First entry.
  • My entry is a Lovecraftian horror (2nd one on this thread, I believe). The art for the token comes from the game Force of Will. If anyone knows the artist of the boss, let me know and I'll add it.

    image image
  • How long on this?
  • https://mtgcardsmith.com/view/fenrir-unbound-1
    Try this for boss level. Its more of a game ender I think, but still.
  • I've got one last minute entry:
  • Finally got around to this contest! Good thing it's not too late!

    First entry:
    Vokungen is a small (in comparison to mtg's other dragons) but ferocious dragon who strikes dread into the hearts of those he moves against. So great is this dread that he has conquered much of his home plane simply because his presence is enough to stop people in their tracks. A war starts on the plane after one planeswalker, Calon, takes the first steps against Vokungen. Bonus flavor card, not part of the contest, but you can check it out if your want: https://mtgcardsmith.com/view/calons-daring?list=user

    Second entry:
    Emperor Tun Jinshu Gong is a smaller villain (so basically, he's not like Eldrazi/Bolas stuff). He rules a vast empire that covers three quarters of his home plane. He has an incredible presence that has garnered him a massive following. Though a warrior himself, his greatest strength is in his ability to set his troops' hearts to go to war for him. Which they do over and over.

    Third entry:
    Kroen is a Bolas level baddie. She's seen many planeswalkers visit her plane (including Bolas), and has become resentful that she lacks such power to travel between worlds. Instead, she has spent eons perfecting spatial magics such that she has begun to collapse the blind eternities, with her home plane at the center. Without having been to other planes, she struggles to find the planes to collapse. So instead she attracts planeswalkers to her plane (through rumors of a growing terrible evil or a paradise). She steals the "memory imprints" of the planes these planeswalkers have visited, and with the imprints is able to pinpoint their exact location within the blind eternities. She then snips the spatial threads and collapses the planes together. Hundreds of planes have already been compressed into a single spatial plane by the time anyone with enough power or influence realizes it's happening. And once you visit her plane, there is no escape. If you try to planeswalk away, she will follow your imprint as far as she can and immediately cut the spatial ties of the new plane you travelled to, instantly compressing it into her perfect reality.
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