Reactivation Challenge #6 - Sideboard Special Challenge by prostein1011

Reactivation Disclaimer:
1 ) An inactive challenge is chosen to be reactivated, it gets posted for new submissions with a new deadline.
2 ) The new judge cannot choose his or her own submissions as the winner.
3 ) After the winners are declared, the judge selects one participant as the next host (must be an active member).
4 ) The chosen participant chooses the next challenge that has been inactive for over 2 months. He or she hosts it as the reactivation judge.
5) The reactivation judge starts this process all over from step 1.

Second Disclaimer:
- New discussion is opened for each reactivated challenge. A link to the original challenge is put there.
- The alternate judge must send a message to original judge to notice that his or her challenge is reactivated by the alternate judge.
- The original judge has a right to take over their original challenge or to ask for it to remain open and unresolved at any time prior to a winner being declared and posted.


Original discussion:

Hello once again all, my challenge to you today should prove fun. Many decks need good sideboards to run against certain decks, cards better tailored for fighting certain decks (color protection, anti-control, etc.). Today's challenge: make cards based on countering certain decks, whether it be control, aggro, a specific color, or whatever decks bother you in a game. Good luck to all!


Previous Entries:

Drown in Grief by @Beeswax:
Plaguebourne Sliver by @Corwinnn:
Sunset Archon by @VSSS:
Sheltervines by @Chairforce:
Firelance by @Damnation:
Monochromy by @Damnation:
Shattering Impact by Damnation:
Goblin Fariecatcher by @VSSS:
Demonize by @Corwinnn:


The new deadline is July 21, 2015
Winner gets a ~Trophy~


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