Advanced Planning and a Decision

So... there is a quick question that I have for @Corwinnn that will decide whether or not this whole thing is even relevant or not:

"Is August going to have an art theme this year?" "If it is, can I make a card and then retroactively illustrate it when August rolls around?"

If not, then let's pack it up and go home. Forget you ever saw this.

If it is, then here is the problem I am facing:
One of the cards that I designed last month for the Mechanix theme has placed me in an odd position; I can't find any art that matches my vision for it. I like the idea, and being that Cardsmith is a very supportive community, I am certain nobody would insult me for my lack of particular talent. My worry is that it won't get anywhere near what I envision. I don't know what to do.


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