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How many known MtG characters are actually dead in the canon? Below is a list of known dead legends of the planes of Magic.

R.I.P. Yawgmoth, Mishra, Urza, most of Urza's compatriots, Xantcha, Barrin + his family [Rayne + Hanna], Ashnod, Gix, Leshrac, Volrath, Crovax, Selenia, Tsabo-Tavoc, Glacian + Rebbec, Gerrard, Orim, Ertai, Mirri, Rofellos, Starke, Memnarch, Jeska, Bosh, Ixidor, Kamahl, Chainer, Konda, Toshiro Umezawa, Savra, Momir Vig, Agrus Kos (But he's a ghost now), Grand Arbiter Augistin IV, Razia, Szadek (also ghost), Sisters of Stone Death (all but one), Oona, Colfenor, Malfegor, Jazal Goldmane, Raksha Golden Cub, Mikaeus, Taysir, Kristina, Tevesh Szat, Commodore Guff, Freyalise, Venser, Leshrac, Serra
Is Minotaur walker alive, Sandruu or something? Feroz, Bo Levar ...

Damn, that' a lot of dead people.

Possibly, but probably dead; Lim-Dûl, Elspeth, Xenagos

Your challenge is to bring them back alive, to fit into the planes of modern magic... I understand with the release of Modern Horizon; Urza, and Serra are technically brought back, but that is just for legacy story, not actual resurrection.

One Stipulation, they must have an undead creature type (Skeleton, Spirit, Zombie, etc.) to accompany the others you wish to add.

Do your best to keep them somewhat close to their original incarnations. But, get creative too.

3rd place winner will get 3 favorites and mentioned in the hall of fame!
2nd place winner will get 4 favorites and mentioned in the hall of fame!
1st place winner will get 5 favorites, a months subscription, and mentioned in the hall of fame!

If there is enough entries, there may be honorable mentions as well. Each honorable mentions will get 2 favorites!

ALL entries that place or get an honorable mention will get an automatic favorite from me so you can choose other cards you would like to be favorited as your reward!

Deadline for entries is end of the month. 19/07/31


  • This is an example I made a while back...
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    Agrus Kos has worked with the Boros, Azorius, and the Orzhov. I thought it would be appropriate for him to be able to play with all the colors as long as they all have white.

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    There was no coverage of Mikaeus in Shadows Over Innistrad or Eldritch Moon, which prompts my ideas.

    Actual lore: When Mikaeus was killed, Geralf divulged his whereabouts to Liliana, who found him and raised him as a zombie. When Thalia found him, she decreed for him to be buried, which Liliana found quite rude, and resurrected him again.

    Lore theory: Once Liliana left Innistrad, Thalia hired somebody (Perhaps a planeswalker like Arlinn or Sorin) to kill Mikaeus again. When he did die, his ties with the unlife kept his spirit lingering in the area, and he "possessed" said planeswalker. Then, when the beacon was ignited for the war of the spark, the planeswalker departed for the plane, taking Mikaeus with them. Mik (as the boys call him) found a place in the new debt-free Orzhov Syndicate (as by the decree of Kaya) and held residence among the kind of Teysa and many many spirits.
    When the War of the Spark was over and Niv-Mizzet was instated as the guildpact, Niv was forced to choose a leader for Orzhov. Kaya was gone, and Teysa was too alive, so he set Mikaeus to wander the halls of Orzhov as their guild's leader. Mikaeus now holds a steadfast but non-binding hold over the guild, bolstering its spiritual citizens to destroy any who oppose. Many assassinations of Mikaeus were carried out, but to no avail, as his soul plus his devoted guild members keep him bound to the afterlife.
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    During the war against Emrakul and the warped inhabitants of Innistrad who served her, Brisela, a combined eldrazi-abomination of Bruna and Gisela, was struck down by Sigarda, who used Avacyn's spear. Soon after, Emrakul's minions were defeated and the eldrazi titan itself was imprisoned to Innistrad's moon by the Gatewatch. Bruna and Gisela were no more, but their souls eventually returned to the plane. Just as the stars die and are reborn from the dust of the old ones, Bruna's light returned years later to grace Innistrad's lands and night skies. With each rotation of the sun and moon, she serves the good people of Innistrad to atone for the dark sins she committed in her previous life.
  • Xenegos got ionized. Elspeth is in the underworld of Theros, which means she’s *technically* dead. Even if she is still alive in there, she still counts as being dead because she is there.
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