Purple --- The Unreleased Color


So there is a rumored unreleased SIXTH color of magic - purple. It's rumored to have either cities or caves as its basic land and would've been showcased in Planar Chaos.

The challenge: create purple cards, using phyrexian blue as the basic mana symbol and silver frame blue as the frame unless otherwise needed.

Design for any set or format you want or just make them for the challenge.

I will give you until the end of the month to complete this so that on the 1st I can judge.

Prizes will be:
1st place: Like on the winning card and 4 likes on other cards (your choice)
2nd place: Like on the winning card and 3 likes on other cards (your choice)
3rd place: Like on the winning card and 2 likes on other cards (your choice)
HMs: A like on the winning card and 1 like on other cards (your choice)

Good luck, have fun, and happy cardsmithing!


  • All in for posting some purple cards. But it'll have to wait until after work.
  • I'm so doing thisss
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  • Thanks to @tigersol for that article. Really helped me with this one. This was quite a unique design challenge I just had to try. Establishing an entire color identity was really cool.


  • Jesus....
  • @Ranshi922

    Something wrong?
  • I knew that Mercy was making stuff for Purple mana... I just didn't see all of this coming.
  • Nor you.
  • I like the choice of cities, btw.
  • @Ranshi922

    You can thank WotC for that idea.
  • I meant the choice of art. I already knew that it was between caves or cities. With the whole, being the enemy of green, the city makes more sense. But this does have unsettling implications for what I know of Ravnica.
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    In the mechanical reflection article @tigersol found and shared, I only saw mention of cities.

    Edit: Wait never mind, I found a mention of caves. Neat.
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    @Arceus8523 maybe it's a really noob question, but what website did you use to get those amazing designs for purple?

    edit: @Arceus8523 thank you! I can't download it right now because apparently too many people have download it recently, but I will asap :)
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    I used a program called Magic Set Editor. You can download it here:. I reccomend installing it straight to your desktop rather than your program files (or anywhere else), because over time you will want to add extra card frames and templates to the program and it is much easier and more convenient to do so when the program is installed to your desktop.

    You can get a large amount of the templates here, the additional fonts you need to install here, and the resources for purple, brown, yellow, and orange mana cards, as well as a host of other neat templates and nicknacks here.

    Font installation is specific to your computer, but for the installation of MSE templates and resources, you'll typically encounter two methods of installation, an installer or a zip folder.

    For installers: simply open the installer program. It runs through Magic Set Editor. Usually it take a little bit for the installer to load and pop up. After it does, however, simply click the "okay" button at the bottom and it will auto-install everything for you.

    For zip folders: Open the folder and take the contents of the folder (NOT the zip folder itself), usually other non-zip folders, and add them to the data folder under your Magic Set Editor 2 program folder.

    Either way, be sure you don't have any sets open in Magic Set Editor when you're installing new fonts, templates, etc.

    If you have any questions, just send me a DM and I'll help you out!
  • My first purple creation, more to come.
  • I have an old InQuest magazine, inside is an article about going Purple, this is from 20yrs ago. In that article it talked about purple being the color of psychics and psychic abilities. Think of Ashiok as a purple planeswalker.
  • We are almost to the end the end of the month, so I'll bump this and see if anyone wants to join last second.
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    Glad I caught this before it was over! Here's my take on the lost sixth color:
    image image
    image image
    image image
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    You all have 14 more hours, which will put us at 10pm CDT today.
  • I know I'm a little late, but this is closed for judging.
  • Yeah, I'm still judging, but some stuff came up.
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