Faeries of Athera Challenge

Athera Collaboration Set is looking for your help!

Lamo and I want you to try your hand at making some cards to help fill another faction within our set.

Our past set challenges

We will look at every card made and the ones we like will earn a spot in the set. Each card selected will be given credit to the original cardsmith. If you add a link to your art source we can often use the same art, but if you cannot, that's alright too! In some cases we may change the art or functionality of the card to better fit inside the vision of the Athera Set.

Here is the link to ALL the Athera Lore - http://mtgcardsmith.com/view/athera-lore#.VY7wjJVRGP8

Below is the lore of the Faerie faction as well as a card count and card list. Please take a look and help us fill out this set!

FAERIES - Blue/Black
The faeries of Athera were originally curious and mercurial, but fundamentally benign, entities, masters of illusion and divination magic. The influence of the Druaga tower, however, has twisted the Fair Folk into twisted parodies of their former selves. They now spirit away their victims to the Riverseep Catacombs, seeking the knowledge to restore their former selves. Faeries exist in black and blue and are composed of Faeries, Rogues, and Wizards.

Their mechanic is Manaleech, which reads "Whenever an opponent activates an ability of a creature, you may pay {u/b}. If you do, draw a card unless that player puts a -1/-1 counter on that creature."

The suggested cost bump for Manaleech is 2, although it can be 1 on creatures that are especially fragile, either because of low toughness or a specific vulnerability. Creatures with Manaleech should not have hexproof or shroud. Note that Manaleech can go on any permanent.

Manaleech (Whenever an opponent activates an ability of a creature, you may pay {u/b}. If you do, draw a card unless that player puts a -1/-1 counter on that creature.)

Planeswalkers - 1
Taes, Keeper of Secrets
Creatures - 19
Bloodthirsty Darkwing - Cutwing Archer - Cutwing Avenger - Cutwing Egotist - Cutwing Knowledgekeeper - Darkwood Peddler - Daybreak Slasher - Drapewing Captain - Etara, Cutwing Matron - Fae of the Shrine - Faerie Dreamweaver - Faerie Illusionist - Faerie Swiftwing - Faerie Timerotter - Mistress of Pain - Moon Imp Dazzler - Spell Unraveler - Thousand Wing Amalgam - Tireless Seeker
Enchantments - 3
Pain of Knowledge - Strength of the Fae - Wasting Plague
Instants - 3
Accursed Knowledge - Faerie Dreams - Mistscythe Mastery
Sorceries - 2
Defile the Vile - Feast on the Weak
Artifacts - 0
Non Basic Lands - 2
Bronze Shrine - Xrintis, Faerie Centre


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