Hapatra's New Power

Hello, and welcome for a new contest.

Do you know Hapatra ? This guy was one of my first commander.


Well, a good number of Magic cards can go with Hapatra in your deck. These cards, such as the Scorpion God or the Hapatra Mark, aim to play with the -1 / -1 markers.


Your goal in the contest is to create cards that work with these -1 / -1 counters, both on your creatures and on your opponents.

Be inventive and poison your opponents with class and discretion .....

- All cards must be created around -1/-1 counters.
- No joke cards allowed.
- Limited to 5 entries.
- Deadline fixed to August, 23


Honorable mention: 1 favorites of your choice
3rd place: 2 favourites of your choice
2nd: 3 favourites of your choice
1st: 5 favourites of your choice

Have fun, cardsmiths !



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    Edit: Removed the last bit from the last ability to keep the card much simpler.
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    This brings me memories of when I used to play this deck on standard and I used to get wrecked by decks that didn't run any creatures I could put -1/-1 counters on...

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  • Maybe a little ... BUmp ?
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  • And I have both Jakarta and the Scorpion God. It's one sick deck.
  • Hapatra
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    Card I created a while ago, but I think it would go nicely with TenebrisNemo's card as well as Hapatra
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    Sorry for the mess
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    Again, sorry about the mess
  • Closed for judging
  • Good cards everyone. Good luck.
  • Ok. Let's see the result !

    Honorable mention goes to: @ThatOneCat with Atei, Gladiator of Hapatra
    @Nicolbolas and


    A very powerful card, can be a 4/4 Trample or 2/2 Indestructible three blocker. The main reason it can't be up to the podium is the fact you can put any number of -1/-1 counters when it enters the battlefield. So you may put 99 counters on it and put 99 1/1 Snakes with deathtouch in play with Hapatra.
    Terrifying !


    Not so much to say on this card, it's simplistic and realistic , maybe he can be a non-legendary card, doesn't seem legendary to me, and maybe you could raise the P/T if you want him legendary. But in fact, awesome card !

    Third place goes to : @Derain2 with Black-Hearted Holligan


    Simplistic and useful in Hapatra's army, this Holligan can take a sit into a turn one card on the deck.

    Second place goes to: @SonnyLowell for Renvair, Grim Harvester


    This card is a very cool card ! Wither is a very useful ability that Hapatra use without restrictions . The fact is you create plants whenever a creature dies that can be uesful to put -1/-1 counters on them , or use the last ability of Renvair and creating more Snakes.
    And this card is very similar to an Hapatra deck, if the ennemy don't have any creature, you can't put your plants .... Sad.


    The top card of this contest was creating by @TenebrisNemo and it's Poisonous Existence


    I love this card. Using your Snakes created by Hapatra to create your combo, put the -1/-1 counters on opponent's creatures and kill them and return back on your side ..... Not too overpowered with this highly cost of seven mana , but very powerful to have some cards to put more -1/-1 counters on them. Seems balanced .
    And don't forget Teiviel , who can won third place or an honorable mention at my sense....

    That's over ! Plesae tell me here or in PM what cards you want faved and thanks for parcitipationg to my contest !

    And remember, Hapatra will remember your contribution. Don't forget to stay loyal and don't go with Temmet or other "vizirs" .
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    Thank you very much. I really loved designing Revair. I would love for another contest like this from you again.

    My 3 I would like faved

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