Hapatra's New Power

Hello, and welcome for a new contest.

Do you know Hapatra ? This guy was one of my first commander.


Well, a good number of Magic cards can go with Hapatra in your deck. These cards, such as the Scorpion God or the Hapatra Mark, aim to play with the -1 / -1 markers.


Your goal in the contest is to create cards that work with these -1 / -1 counters, both on your creatures and on your opponents.

Be inventive and poison your opponents with class and discretion .....

- All cards must be created around -1/-1 counters.
- No joke cards allowed.
- Limited to 5 entries.
- Deadline fixed to August, 23


Honorable mention: 1 favorites of your choice
3rd place: 2 favourites of your choice
2nd: 3 favourites of your choice
1st: 5 favourites of your choice

Have fun, cardsmiths !



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