I saw the sign!

Once again it's time of year when my people are born, the Leos. Thought I'd make a card toward that and a contest.

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Obviously we can't all be born during this time.... but you are free make a card represent your sign thematically. You can make any kind of card, long as it captures and the theme and feel of your sign. If you don't feel like using western zodiacs, I will also accept if you want pick your Eastern Zodiac as Lastjustice is an equal opportunity star gazer. (Such as mine is Year of the Ram/Sheep.) If you choose make cards for Zodiacs you aren't...thats fair game as I won't be demanding proof either way. (or just feel like making ones for multiple signs.)

- This contest will lasts until August 23rd since that's end of Leo season heh. I will judge sometimes after then.
- Make the best card you can, keep text off the walls, and other things that come across as careless.
- I will accept up to 5 entries, but feel free make more if you're like I'm doing a full dozen. I will favorite the entire set if they're good.

Prizes- 5 favorites of your choosing for first, 4 for second, 3 for 3rd.

I typically favorite any entries I like even if you don't win.Have fun, and I hope see plenty of entries.


  • Here's mine, no idea how to balance symmetric effects.
  • image

    First entry :)
  • I am hoping to see some more entries, which you got plenty of time enter.
  • I’ll join! One second.
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    image image image

    I decided to the signs of my brothers and I; Capricorn, Libra, and Gemini.
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  • I’m gonna go ahead and nope out of my Zodiac. It’s... either Cancer or Rabbit...
  • Ya'll also have a Mayan Zodiac animal/color/direction. Look it up.
  • @Tommia You can any zodiac you want, as you aren't limited to whatever yours actually are. I wouldn't know either way, if you just want make a cool card to the theme is all I care about.

    @Pepperoni Well if someone wants use that, I'd just ask them include a bit of info with it, as it's not something I'm familiar with.
  • @Lastjustice I just mentioned It because I'm from that region. Wasn't meant to add it. Good to know anyways.
  • Can I make one for my Myers-Briggs?

    I love it, but after reading some studies, it seems to be just as accurate as a zodiac
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    @Pepperoni Well, that’d be a Crocodile for me :3
  • https://mtgcardsmith.com/view/thaag-and-tures-titanic-twin

    Representing my Gemini (European) and Dragon (Chinese) signs.
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  • @HeroKP I feel that's stretching the concept a bit , but if you can make a quality card off that, then go ahead and give it a shot. I know people joke that Myers-Briggs is astrology for people on linked in heh. I took that test and got Teacher (ENFJ).
  • I'll be making a card for each of the twelve signs, but I'll be submitting only five to the contest (of course). Nyoom, three down, nine to go. Three-colour design is hard; can't imagine what it was like for the first designers before they had reference points.
  • @SammySammyson Go ahead and post the whole lot if you do all 12, just indicate the 5 you want to be the entries to contest somehow. I will default to the first five I see from a person others.
  • @Lastjustice yee, my plan was to post all 12, but indicate which ones are my submissions :D
  • we have a solid start, but I'm always good with more entries.
  • A few days left, hope we get a few more entries.
  • This is the last day! (probably..)

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    My horoscopes, the Sagittarius and the Rat!

    image image


    I'm alittle busy, but I promise knock out judging in next couple days.
  • Sure. Or weeks.
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    Life gets busy, I always finish my contests. I've never let one remain unjudged.

    3rd place @ThatOneCat (3 favorites of your choosing.)

    I feel like you went a unique direction with this. Scorpios are supposed be charming sonuvaguns so makes sense they can seduce people on to their side. It captures the theme of the sign nicely.

    2nd @TenebrisNemo (4 favorites of your choosing.)

    Captures the theme of rats being crafty, and is a quite playable card. I could see him being having a following in commander if he were printed. I'd seen this card before, I'm surprised I didn't already have it favorited. I will be on my list now.

    1st @EternalWolf88 (5 favorites of your choosing.)

    You went the extra mile and combine both zodiacs and even remembered to give the heads their own names. Powerful, but high cost, so it's balanced. I could see them appearing in the 99 of many commander dragon decks.

    Honorable Mention

    @The-DM (1 favorite of your choosing.)


    I really like your giant chicken avatar. It's a fun tribal commander.

    @ASubtleGhost (1 favorite of your choosing.)

    I like what you were trying to do. You need to do some minor tweaks I'd probably picked for a place. Giving your opponent the ability to choose their own separate modes is too dangerous and could often result in them getting the better of the cards without paying any mana. You need so your opponent and you get the same modes. Imagine you pick flash in spirit tokens, and they just opt to tap them down. You opt to tap down two targets and they just untap them. You would always be on the losing side of the exchange. The core concept was solid though, so you desire some attention for thinking outside of the box on how capture the theme.

    On side note I will be favoriting all entries to the contest since I dragged my feet on this. It's the least I can do. I hope you had fun in anycase until the next one.
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