I saw the sign!

Once again it's time of year when my people are born, the Leos. Thought I'd make a card toward that and a contest.

image image

Obviously we can't all be born during this time.... but you are free make a card represent your sign thematically. You can make any kind of card, long as it captures and the theme and feel of your sign. If you don't feel like using western zodiacs, I will also accept if you want pick your Eastern Zodiac as Lastjustice is an equal opportunity star gazer. (Such as mine is Year of the Ram/Sheep.) If you choose make cards for Zodiacs you aren't...thats fair game as I won't be demanding proof either way. (or just feel like making ones for multiple signs.)

- This contest will lasts until August 23rd since that's end of Leo season heh. I will judge sometimes after then.
- Make the best card you can, keep text off the walls, and other things that come across as careless.
- I will accept up to 5 entries, but feel free make more if you're like I'm doing a full dozen. I will favorite the entire set if they're good.

Prizes- 5 favorites of your choosing for first, 4 for second, 3 for 3rd.

I typically favorite any entries I like even if you don't win.Have fun, and I hope see plenty of entries.


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