Stitia, Plane of 13 Deaths (RPG Style Saga/My First Saga)

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13. An unlucky number, according to universally accepted superstition. Millions of Stitia’s residents are haunted by this number, not because it’s unlucky, but because this is the number of times many of their mortal souls are grinded through the Cursed Rebirth. Anyone who dies a sinful or supernatural death is cursed... cursed to be reborn as a lower being, cursed to live a life more torturous than the last, and in the end, they are cursed to meet a more tragic and agonizing demise...

The very few who know about the Cursed Rebirth seek to avoid it at all costs, and to uncover its mysteries. These are called the Triskaidians. These greater beings have a natural resistance to the Cursed Rebirth, in their faith in the gods or their pacts with demons, with the knowledge to escape death or the ability to resist it. However, the luck of Stitia is not in their favor. The Triskaidians are born with a curse as well; the supernatural has a knack for ending their lives as soon as possible. Sin will run to them, tainting their lives and destroying their faith. Those that do not die outright go insane, eventually succumbing to the Cursed Rebirth anyways through self-infliction.

You are a Triskaidian. After a recent sweep of supernatural deaths amongst the people, be it friends, family, or strangers, you decide that you should finally start to investigate. Someone must be behind all of this. Rumors say that this is the only plane this happens on, after all.

How to begin:

- Create a Legendary Creature card to represent your character. They must have some kind of natural immunity to the supernatural, expressed through the card in some way or another. (Please read below what races you can use, and what colors you can use with them.)
- Create an artifact that’s a Lucky Charm for your character.
- Create a card that displays a supernatural event the character holds dearly, whether it was a miracle that inspired hope, or a tragedy that inspired them to act.
- Make a minor story blurb about you character. It definitely doesn’t need to be an essay on their life story, but a good backstory will make it easier for me to understand your character, enhancing the experience.
- Use the map and info below it to determine your hometown.

Here are the races you can use to make your character:
- Human (Any combination of colors)
- Dwarf (Any combination of colors)
- Construct (Any combination of colors)
- Vampire (Any combination of Red, White, Blue, and Black)
- Werebeasts of any type (Any combination of Red, Black, and Green.
- Elf (Any combination of White, Green, and Blue. Red is tolerable for Shamans.)
- Devil/Demon (Any combination of Red, Green, and Black)
- Angel (Must be white, Can be any combination of colors)
- Spirit (Any combination of colors)
- Elemental (Any combination of colors)
- Cat (For Leonin) (Any combination of colors)
- Zombie (for Liches) (Must be black. Can be combined with any combination of colors EXCEPT white.)
- Merfolk (Must be blue or green. Any combination of colors)
- Shapeshifters (Any combination of colors.)

The adventure will begin on Monday, August 19th, BUT you can join at any time before Friday the 13th (September). The adventure will not start until we have at least 3 people.



    Born into the Duskwood clan, Vryx Obinfell in love with Arlin Cherlain of the Dawnwood clan. When the Bloodwood clan invaded Arlin's home, Vryx ran to help her, only to see her die in front of him. Now he goes around hunting the people that killed his lover, even though it goes against Duskwood law.
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    Sorry I goofed when I wrote the race options. Constructs are now allowed.
  • Merfolk are also allowed!
  • Here’s an overview of the plane.


    The 13 Sectors (From Left to Right):
    - Ystheria (Humans, Dwarves, Elves, Constructs, Leonin, Merfolk, Angel): Home of the main civilian populace, and the unofficial capital of Stitia. This is normally the third most peaceful sector on the plane, but it’s recently become victim of mysterious mass serial killings by an entity known only as “The Horn”.
    - Descour (Elementals, Humans, Dwarves, Leonin): This vast desert offers little more than a barren place of rocks and sand. Desecrated over a thousand years ago, only the brave go here, and very few survive.
    - Nasita (Demons, Devils, Zombies, some Humans and Dwarves): This corrupted sector sits upon the highest peak of the mountainous wasteland. The strongest forces of evil embrace the cruelness of the world, abusing the supernatural.
    - Woewedt (Elves, Leonin, Humans): This temperate jungle is home to a majority of the Elf and Leonin populations on Stitia. While the nature is tame here, keep in mind that you’re always being watched by one of the Elf tribes.
    - The Changing Arcanium (All races): In this melting pot, all races coexist as one, but this city is not supposed to be. Appearing somewhere in Woewest, this city seems to fade in and out of existence. While many things change each time, one thing stands out; Stitians have discovered The Great Listorium and the Great Stagazium, books containing all of the plane’s history and all of its futures.
    - Racrion (Leonin, Humans, Dwarves, Elves):The plains of Racrion are home to nature’s proving ground, a prime example of the cutthroat world Stitians live in. Not that many people live here, but the main sentient inhabitants are Leonin and Humans.
    - Hitcherald (All Races Except Demons, Devils, Constructs and Zombies): The holy land of Hitcherald is about the only holy place in all of Stitia. Within are the faithful, those who worship the Omnipotent Six. The people here are quite peaceful, but heretics threaten the church,
    - Delvad (Werewolves, Elves, Elementals, Humans, Dwarves, Merfolk): Nature warps within the trees, creating horrors beyond imagination. Twisted werewolves, evil elves, and elementals of pure corrupted energy torment the land.
    - Etsane (Humans, Dwarves, Constructs): This city of law has been overthrown by criminals. While diplomats struggle to make laws, Thugs and Gangs rules the streets and bribe government officials.
    - Aesthr (Merfolk, Humans, Dwarves): This massive ocean has a few islands, home mainly to Merfolk, but some humans and dwarves live among them. However, recent supernatural activity has caused intense storms at sea.
    - Leighart (Vampires): The Kingdom of Leighart, home only to Vampires, is the throne of the Reliq bloodline. Staying fairly secluded, they grow very suspicious of any vampire that develops a relationship with others.
    - Padetra (Zombies, Spirits, Demons/Devils, Humans, Dwarves): Serving as the main central area for the dead and dying, this Sector has practically become a civilization all its own, where liches, necromancers and demons rule over zombies and spirits.
    - Yrntrn (Dwarves, Constructs, Humans): Probably the only advanced sector in the entirety of Stitia, Yrntrn is home to the industrial Sector, where research is done to better humanity’s odds against the supernatural.
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    @Bowler218 I like your entries! It’s just a formality, but I just got around to making location info on the plane. Which sector does Vryx live in?
  • The Duskwood are in Delvad (or whatever that one is, I'm having a hard time reading it thanks to my glasses being screwed up) but Vryx goes around Dejcout now.
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    Deep in Padetra, sitting atop his dark ziggurat, Xataxji broods over the mysteries of the Cursed Rebirth. Decades of frenzied research on the subject had yielded enough to grant him the status of Triskaidian, and a respected member of the loose Padetran society.

    But it had not always been the case. In his youth, he had been careless about the cursed immortality that plagued Stitia. Eager to rise in power amongst his demonic brethren, he had hastily concluded a pact with a powerful sorcerer, expecting bountiful rewards for his service. Unfortunatly, the pact was one-sided, and young Xataxji had become some sort of reverse phylactery: each cursed death that should befall the warlock was instead inflicted upon the imprisoned demon.

    After years of painful and unwilling service, a very diminished Xataxji attacked the sorcerer in despair, expecting to be destroyed by this murder attempt. The warlock expected the same and laughed at the demon. Both were very surprised when the sorcerer actually died, the pact not protecting one signatory against the other. Xataxji was free. He claimed the wizard's ziggurat, and grew in power, slowly recovering from the eight deaths he went through while bound by his contract.

    Years pass, and Xataxji is now revered by a demon cult in Padetra. Sacrifices of all kinds sustain him, and he rewards his most fervant apostles with infernal gifts of power. However, strange things have begun to happen recently. In the ranks of his cultists, unnatural and unexplainable deaths occured, each more gruesome and grotesque than the one before. Even worse, once rebirthed by the Curse, they were little more than shamblings husks, unfit to adore him, if they were reborn at all.

    For Xataxji, it was, of course, unacceptable; regrouping his followers, he started investigating. The Curse of Rebirth would yield its mysteries, or Xataxji would eventually find himself alone, sitting atop his dark ziggurat.

    Bonus: Xataxji's favorite bauble.
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    @ASubtleGhost Nice! I didn’t have that thought. Maybe this warlock knew something Xataxji doesn’t? Guess we’ll find out...
  • Looks interesting Ill see if I remember to join
  • @DoctorFro don’t worry about rushing. You have almost a full month to enter.
  • I might enter this weekend, but my college class is about to start so I will have to see if I have time
  • I'll be sure to join.
    (This comment will be edited to include an entry when one is made.)
  • I'm gonna enter tomorrow!
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    image image

    Byro was born on the outskirts of Ystheria to a simple tavern maid, and a gambling medicine man of a father. Growing up with just enough to get by, but never enough to pursue a dream, Byro was lost to the denizens of the streets. Until that fateful day when a plague rolled through his village. Within days he watched his father, ironically, perish and lost his mother a week later. Byro himself seemed unaffected by the plague. This was a turning point in the life of Byro, who prowled at night looting items of value from the plague ridden.

    Over the next couple of years, Byro had grown a name of himself, the Plague Doctor. The moniker was given for the fact he could wade through lands of the dead and come out unscathed. Doing his best to give respite to those he could.

    What people didn't realize is that Byro had a darker connotation to all this. He was in actuality performing experiments on the dead and dying, trying to figure out where the plague had originated and how it could be terminated for good.

    It's been nearly a decade since the Plague Doctor has been about. Today he roams the lands of Padetra, ridding the realm of all the Dead and death he can find...

  • For the werewolf, could we be affected by another type of lycanthropy, such as a rat?

    (I want to create a GUB Wererat Wizard)
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    Ishka is the guardian angel of a small temple in rural Hitcherhald, and has been manifested fully by the excess of souls that have been cast aside by the Rebirth. Given the will to defeat, the angel plans to find the source of the curse and defeat it, an impossible quest given that the curse is part of the plane itself.
    (Other cards later)
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  • Yeah I'd like to know the answer to The-DM's question too. If so, could we use other colors? I think it'd be fun to make a UB or UG wereraven.
  • I'll join this soon! Sounds fun!
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    @The-DM @EpicBoss99 Sure! I updated the rules to reflect this.
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    @KorandAngels @sanjaya666 Those angels that seek to become Triskaidians or delve into the supernatural are often forsaken by the gods. Take care adventures.
  • @spookoops The Great Plague of Nasita, yes... it ravaged the plane, and yet no one knows where it really came from. It is blamed upon a ill-mannered curse by many. May you hope that this curse doesn’t still eat at you today...
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    Character Introduction - Ysa

    Image Credit - Majentta (DeviantArt) Copyright 2019

    Ysa is a mysterious hooded man who takes the form of a crow. No one knows who he is or where he comes from, but he has come to seemingly random people, offering them a reading of their futures. None of them have been good, but all of them have been accurate.

    However, Triskaidians are noticing a pattern... he comes on the 13th of each month, and he only visits Triskaidians... why does he do this? No one knows, but know to take whatever he tells you very seriously... it could save your life, or at least give you insight on when it will end...
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    Untap.In Announcement + Special Format:

    Special announcement! I planned this originally, but I just had a brainstorm. I’m offering every adventurer a chance to play Untap.In matches, be it for the thrill, or to decide your fate...

    There will also be a new format: Ysa’s Fortune. In it, players play as normal, but every turn they must roll a six sided die. If they roll a 1, they must reveal cards from a central deck, known as the Grimoire Deck, until they reveal a fortune. If they roll a 6, they get to reveal cards from the Blessing deck the same way. Good luck, and more details soon...
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    K'Trinop is a spark, freed from a metal shell, that has achieved sentience. They were able to escape a tortuous plane where they were once known as M-P Mk. 2002. However, they have no memory of their past lives; all they can remember is their venture into Stitia. Now they must face the terrors of the cursed realm as they try to pick up the pieces of their fragmented past. Will they succeed? No one knows.

    The event that transpired, causing K'Trinop to fly to Stitia:

    Upon landing, K'Trinop discovered a mysterious crown laying in the ground. They do not know why, but the crown feels familiar.

  • @MonkeyPirate2002 Amnesia can be a blessing or a curse. There is so much to learn, but some of it may be knowledge best left unknown.
  • Also, what does Cryptic Crown transform into? (Or is it a secret?)
  • It's a secret OOOWwooooooooOooooOooooOoO...
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    OwO? *this post has been thrown in the trash*
  • Legendary Creature

    Death wasn't kind to the wealthy Oklein's bloodline, when they were Humans, they used Etsane's laws and loops to make them richer at expense of suffering and degradation. There were always a rich man willingly to pay a high price to have a fresh Elf on their chambers or a head to be severed. When the shroud of death got into the Oklein Manor, Mastiffa was the only one that dared to make a deal, she would make profit of the dead as she did of the living,

    Lucky Charm

    "Norana Oklein is the daughter of Mastiffa Oklein. This locket was the first thing she bought to her, ever. When the chaos raised and Mastiffa sealed the deal with the demons, this served two purposes, a way to remember her purpose and as a phylactery"


    "When Mastiffa made the deal, she tried to save Norana in the process, even when Norana refused to make a contract. The demons agreed to save her, but she became a Devil with humanoid proportions serving as a toy for every man who wanted to pay for her, for eternity.

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