Is there anyone experienced with building decks? Please help...

I am working on a set called Dumaran, a set where 25 nations representing mono-color combinations all the way up to the tri-color combos are each given a deck based off of an archetype, for example Tempo, Aggro, Control, etc..., so in a way I am kind of treating the deck like a cube, this is good, except I am not that experienced with deckbuilding, I need help from people of any preferred archetype or wild combination, in order to make a set skeleton, every one of them consisting of 60 cards, otherwise known as a side-boardless Standard deck.

I am not asking for someone to make a deck for me, I am asking for people who are experienced with deck archetypes to tell me what types of cards they would put in their deck.

The current countries we are introducing are:

Corrizan: Shard(Red/Green/Black), Aggro-Control

Feld: thinking on color philosophy

Durnum: Thinking on color philosophy

Moria: Enemy Colors(White/Black)


  • You want people who make decks to make set skeletons? Seem counter-intuitive.
  • Aggro decks have a bunch of good one drop creatures. Often cheap removal spells, lord creatures. Sometimes they run a few token generators or draw engines so that it keeps giving you some damage source even after your board was wiped.

    Midrange decks have good creatures that cost around 3, 4, 5 cmc. The creatures that costs more than 4 basically need either one of haste, flash, etb trigger, death trigger, or resilience to removal.

    Control decks run board wipe spells, card draw spells, and a bunch of spells that annoy opponents. They don't run so many creatures because board wipe usually kills your creatures too. Instead they put out planeswalkers.

    Tempo decks need cheap and good flyers, spells and abilities that can be used in instant timing. They try to answer big threats with cheap cards, use as much available mana as possible until your next turn, and win before you lose.
  • @Lujikul That is not what I want, I want to see what people who build decks contingent on different archetypes would put in a deck based on that archetype
  • @Lujikul so I can then build a skeleton
  • So @Tomigon, from what you say about Aggro and "lord creatures", would \/this\/ be what you are talking about?


    And also, would you say it would be possible to make an Aggro deck out of Red/Green/Black?
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    Sorry, by "lord creatures" I meant cards like this;
    I think "Lord" is a slung. Old magic cards had "Lord" creature type, and they all had effects that give +N/+N to creatures you control.

    Your card looks cool, but 4 drop with an additional cost is expensive for an aggro deck. I think that's unplayable in constructed format.
  • In case you don't now what board wipe is. These are board wipe cards:

    Aggro deck try to win before an opponent cast board wipe.

    Midrange deck try to make an opponent use board wipe to kill only one or two creatures.
  • Would a two drop with exiling a nonland permanent be better than?
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    It seems a bit too strong. 2 drop should be dealt with 1-for-1.
    What about..
    As an additional cost to cast this spell, sacrifice a nonland permanent.
    When Sarencia, Maiden of Corrizan enters the battlefield, create two 1/1 red Elemental creature tokens with "This creature gets +1/+0 as long as you control a creature named Sarencia, Maiden of Corrizan."
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    seems like the right thing to do
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