4 Color Commanders

Welcome to my first contest. I'm a big commander fan, and have been dying for more 4 colored commanders. I'm a big tribal player as well. Below are five legendary lords that I designed. One for each four color combination. Your job is to make to make a legendary that would fit in 99 and also be alternative commander. (That's five cards total)

Each card must have the following to count:
Credit artist
No MTG art
Fair balancing
No joke cards
No anime

All 5 cards must be posted in the same post.
The 5 cards you are to make must have this exact Mana cost and work with the theme:
WUBR Humans
UBRG Hydras
BRGW Minotaurs
RGWU Centaurs
GWUB Flying

Judging will be based on artwork, mechanics, synergy and authenticity.

Prizes!! :D
All entries get a favorite.

3rd: a follow and 10 favorites of your choice.
2nd: a follow and 10 favorites of your choice and 5 of my choice.
1st a follow and 10 favorites of your and 10 favorites of my choice.

Ends September 9th 2019 12am PST.

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    1st entry.

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    Sorry, by "one of the 99" does that mean it's suppose to be a viable alternative commander? Does it have to have all four colors? Also, what is provoke? In conspiracy it's something you do to enemy creatures.
  • @derain2 yes it it must be a viable alternative commander. And provoke allows creatures to attack opponents creatures
  • Provoke's a tad more complex than that but yes, basically.
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