Monumental Discovery!

Hello everyone!

I recently joined the forums about a month ago and I am LOVING all of the contests and people within. So i decided i wanted to try hosting my own contest.

This contest is going to revolve around a specific type of artifact, Monuments. I had gotten permission from @ArmisJoe, to use this card type and i'm quite excited to see how it turns out.

When a player would play a monument two things happen. First, you will create an emblem to keep track of your Path progress. Second, you will have a requirement from the Path to be able to use the rest of the cards abilities.

Path - [requirement] (Abilities from monuments
are active after completing its path.)


Both cards are created by @ArmisJoe
image image

In this example, the Path is Draw 14 cards. So if a player were to draw a card, they would use a D20 on the emblem to resemble how many cards they have drawn. Once they have reached 14 cards drawn, the abilities of the Monument are now available to the player.

-Entry Limit: 5
-Cards must be new
-Must include the artifact subtype, Monument, within the card.
-Realism is a must have.
-Do NOT use MTG art for your cards.
-Have fun!
-Deadline: Sept. 13th

1st: 5 favorites of your choice and a Follow
2nd: 4 favorites of your choice and a Follow
3rd: 2 favorites of your choice and 2 favorites of my choice.
Honorable Mentions: 1 favorite of your choice.

All placements and Honorable mentions will get a favorite from me for their entry in addition to the rewards.

Below are a few more examples of a monument, courtesies of @ArmisJoe.



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