Looking for a set to join in on.

I mostly run R&D.

I've been part of customs sets for a while. I'm not a huge creator (Though I do dabble a bit), but more of a refiner, hence R&D - I act as the voice of reason when people design cards, checking power level and costing cards. I think myself decently innovative when it comes to mechanics and keywords/abilitywords.
I'm not much of a story-maker either, again, I mostly just give input and ideas, leaving the overarching frame to the more creativity-minded folks.
I probably make cards 30% of the time and run R&D the last 70%.

I can take part of more than one set at a time, but I'd prefer to focus on one. Preferably a new set without too many cards in it, but I'm not looking to be picky.

All I ask is that the co-creators are open to criticism and revisions of cards and to share some contact information (Could just be emails, our own GoogleDocuments, doesn't matter, just some platform) to talk about mechanics and direction.
I'd like people who are decently serious about it - While this is, of course, just a hobby, I think taking a serious approach to it is more fun, for me, than half-assing it.

Bonus point if you use Magic Set Editor, but it's just a boon. Using Cardsmith as our resource is obviously the whole point of things, which is also why I want to join in on a set-creation - I want to see how it feels making a set here, as opposed to some of the other platforms I've used (MtgSalvation, Reddit, MSE, other smaller custom card communities and even real-life with my buddies).

If you're interested, respond here or alternatively send me a mail at [email protected]


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