Musical Mashup!

Hello fellow cardsmiths! I suddenly decided to make my eighth challenge today! And the theme is about Music and Musicals! I love music. I play two instruments, sing, and compose music. I suddenly thought that it would be cool if we could put these songs into cards!


1. You must make a card based off of any song from a musical.
2. You have up to 5 entries. 2 of those can be old cards.
3. No song can be chosen twice, so choose your song(s) quickly!
4. This contest ends on September 12, 2019. Results will be posted within 1-2 days.



Oh right... you wanted prizes:

1st place: A follow, five favorites of your choice, and five favorites of my choice. If I am already following you, I’ll give you 2 more favorites of your choice. You may also choose an additional honorable mention.
2nd place: A follow or five favorites of your choice and three favorites of my choice.
3rd place: A follow or 2 favorites of your choice and 2 favorites of my choice
HMs: One favorite of your choice and one favorite of my choice.
*All entries get favorited

Have fun creating cards!


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