Illidrim Fallen - Expansion MTG Set - 175 cards needed -

Illidrim Fallen takes place on the plane of Illidrim, a world of Hunters, Insurgents, and Drakes.

The hunters call themselves Tileth, a race of demon-humans. They are the colors green and/or black. Their society of savages is based on survival, ruthlessness, and bravery. They rule over all with deadly tyranny.

The insurgents are named The Suso, and are the colors white and red. They formed to slowly chip away at the iron grip of the Tileth and free Illidrim. Their leader is called Eic, A mysterious warrior whose strikes are invisible but deadly.

The drakes are the Xul, a blue band of sea dragons that are the only beasts that the Tileth do not hunt. The Xul assist both sides of the epic conflict and often see themselves working against each other. They have a sense of forgiveness for their own kind, but for others, not so much.

So, with that, make some cards for this new set!


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