JACKPOT! It's time to win! {Closed}

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Hello Everyone! two favorites:

With my current challenge coming to a close today, I wanted to test out an idea I had that people could have loads of fun with creating cards, as well as rack up favorites.

So this game is called JACKPOT! I will create a card on a 3rd party program as a way to keep the card a secret. Your goal as a card smith is to create a card that resembles it as closely as possible.

Seems easy enough right? Well, it is! Except you have no idea what i created!

This is the first JACKPOT! goal and example:
"Rhogar's Fury" {R}

So let's begin. I will give you the following hints (Shown above), I will give you the name of the card, as well as a SINGLE color of the card. The card could be multiple colors, or just a single color.
to earn
When you make your entry for the contest, you must also wager favorites. So in example:

Bet - 2 favorites
[insert card here]"

The one that i declare as the winner will then receive their bet as favorites from me. Anyone who doesn't win, has to give favorites equal to their bet to the winner. An Example:

Entrant 1: Bet 2
Entrant 2: Bet 2
Entrant 3: Bet 1

If Entrant 2 wins. They get two favorites from me and three collectively from the other two contestants.

Bet must be higher than 0 but no higher than 3.
Entry Limit: 1 New
Any entries may be redacted before deadline if you decide the stakes are getting too hot.
Deadline: Each JACKPOT! round will end on Tuesday's at 10 AM EST.

Judging Criteria:
I will be looking for closest CMC, Colors, Abilities, P/T (Where applicable), Card Type.

Have fun everyone!


  • Lets see how this goessss
    Bet - 2 favorites

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    Hmm... I'm betting on a multicolor
    Bet: 2
    Rhogar's Fury
  • Bet: 1 favourite
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    How long is it?
  • Bet: 3 Favorites
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    Hello Everyone!

    I would like to present @Arceus8523 as the winner of this first JACKPOT!


    The reasoning is as follows. My card was Mono red, and their CMC was closest amongst mono red cards (X counts as zero until cast). The ability from their card was closest resembled to mine as well, with dealing direct damage.

    Thank you for participating in this first run of JACKPOT! I'm going to refine some things from this experience and will update rules and post a new JACKPOT! soon.

    @Arceus8523 please PM me your bet value of cards you'd like favored.

    @KorandAngels @Flameice2 and @Keternips, you owe @Arceus8523 your bet value in favorites. Hope you all had a fun time with this short experiment and would join again in the future! Also, if you have any suggestions, please feel free to leave input!

  • I would like more.
  • I will do more once I refine the process. No worries. :)
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