Plane Ripped

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You wake up in the middle of a forest, your head throbbing. You look around and notice several others laying about. You gather what bearings you can, and realize that you are in a very unfamiliar place.

Welcome, smiths, to the Plane Ripped Challenge.
You have been ripped from your plane when Bolas cast the Elder Spell, and sent to Eldarine. You must find a way back to your home.

This challenge will take place over several phases, with each phase being judged before moving on to the next. After the final phase, you will be able to return to your home plane.

Prizes for each Phase will be as follows:
1st: 4 Faves
2nd: 3 Faves
3rd: 2 Faves
Most Well Balanced: 2 Faves
Best Art: 2 Faves
Revan's Pick: 3 Faves

There will be a total of 5 Phases, with each phase lasting until all contestants have submitted their entry for the current phase, then judging will take place. Descriptions of Phases will be listed with each Phase Announcement.

Journey On.


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    Phase One: Character Creation.
    In this Phase, your goal is to create a Legendary creature. This is the being that has been ripped from their plane of existence and sent to Eldarine. It can be any combo of colors, provided it does not exceed a cmc of 3. You have until the 6:00 EST on the 23th of September to submit your creations. Judging will take place then, and The next Phase will follow. Looking forward to your entries.
  • If you would like, feel free to elaborate on your character a little.
  • Are the DrakeGladis Trio going to be npcs in this?
  • @KorandAngels I was planning on introducing them, yes, but not having them do that much.
  • They will definitely be here. I will probably have them be the leaders of the Plane Ripped, and have the contestants try to keep them safe, or something like that.
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    The Leaders of your band.
    "We have surmised that we are all from different planes of existence," said Karrii, "so it would be best if we stuck together. If we meet with any travelers, we need a name to call our-selves." Nek Nek jumped around, jabbering loudly.
    "Hmm," Zuuko grumbled, "it appears our little friend here has a suggestion. From hence forth, we shall be called The Plane Ripped."
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    Valerius was to all accounts, just another careersoldier within the vast legions of the Empire of Thrass on the plane of Xeras. However, through bloody wars and his unconditional loyalty to the Empire, he quickly grew through the ranks, becoming a centurion in command of a force of around eighty hardened soldiers. Life seemed easy, they were the vanguard, the ones used to break the enemies spirit before the empire's Preatorians mopped up the rest, but when the Empire decided to march upon theGreams in the north, things went...south, as he was the last of his men standing and right before he could join them in the realm of the gods...he found himself in a completely different place...
  • @Credius Very nice. I like anything Roman. Also like how you fit it with the leaders. One thing to nit-pick: He should have a creature type. I would suggest maybe Human Soldier. Other wise, great card.
  • image

    Born on a Native-American-inspired plane of Queletaqua. (More lore probably coming.)
  • @ThePhantomJoker Sweet card. Also, even thought the leaders of your little band are White, Green, and Red, your creatures can be any combo of colors.
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    @Bowler218 Here
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    @Bowler218 So, doing this is funky.

    The second part is the tricky part. To get the card image, you have to right click on the card In Crome, otherwise it won't work. Hope that helps.
  • Can I actually use my Zuuko?
  • @DrakeGladis, Hmm? Like, have that be your entry? I mean... you could, but since I created it, there's going to be some weight towards other smiths cards when it comes to prizes.
  • mmm. Ok. Coming up with summat...
  • How do you make promo cards on cardsmith?
  • Uhh… That's a good question. I don't know.
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    @DrakeGladis Yes. I like that you used my favorite color combo.
  • I am doing that for ease of access for when I judge.
  • It is one of mine
  • my favoriets I mean
  • image
    (Forgot the legendary frame)
    A gladiator from the plane of Qarm, which was invaded by the phyrexians. Before the invasion, the plane was in a state of war, which was decided by hostage-taking. The phyrexians turned the hostages into gladiators that fight each other, and Ratch didn't like this. So he was actually fairly pleased when he was plane-ripped away.
  • So far we have:
    ~A military leader
    ~A cat lover
    ~A flying elf
    ~A dark mage
    ~And a relieved gladiator.
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    @revan, knew I screwed up somewhere, fixing that (was fixated on how it looked so much that I forgot the creature type)

    edit: third time's the charm (fixed type, screwed up border the second time, lol)
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    Born in prison after her mother killed one of the four men who raped her, Oyuki’s sole purpose in life is to find and kill the other three men. To fund her search, she’s also an assassin, accepting no more and no less than 1,000 yen per hit — most of whom end up being horrible men who abuse and mistreat women. She has no problem using her beauty and her body to deceive the men she’s been hired to eliminate.

    Note: I actually made this as soon as I saw your contest yesterday, just forgot to post it before I went to bed. It would have been the first.
  • @Spookoops I noticed it. I was like, "Man, he should enter that. It be a good starting creature." And, well, here you are.
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    Looking good.
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    Here's my entry;
    On the plane of Kan Rell, Taliesin was one of the greatest minds his nation had to offer. He had a place at the high council, and was expected to contribute to planning the realm's current conquest. But he was always curious, always meddling. It distanced him from his peers, and made several of them think that he was disinterested in the war, or even secretly working against it.
    One day, while Taliesin was distracted (again) with the creation of a new spell, it backfired. When his vision cleared, instead of his personal study on Kan Rell, he was laying in a field on the plane of Eldraine.
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