plainswalker roleplay

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if you want to join write down your characters name, what species they are, and stuff about them like why they are a plainswalker and there power.

I will try to get everyones character into the story also first five people to say there character gets to be the main ones
pls comment if i should add something to the story or if you dont like how your character is being treated


  • Name: Deso "Cain" Arden
    Species: Half-Elf
    Power: Elementalist
    Backstory: After killing his brother out of cold blood, Deso was exiled across the sea to another land, but he never made it. No one knows where he is as he wakes up in a strange land...
  • character 1: Deso "Cain" Arden
    4 main characters left
  • bowler thx for helping
  • Name: Solphe Leonette
    Species: Human
    Power: Mind control (red/blue)

    From a royal family, Solphe was an only child and destined to become the next ruler of her fathers kingdom.
    She enjoyed going round the different towns and villages of the kingdom and using her hidden talent to get the most courteous and welcome of stays.
    On her day of crowning, Solphe decided she wanted the grandest of celebrations and so in order to prepared everything perfectly, she tried to control the whole capital.
    Thoughts and emotions brought chaos to her mind and as her visions began to fade and she fell to the floor, see saw a different world before her.
    With her powers seemingly even stronger now, she has established herself as a popular tavern owner in a smaller settlement, waiting for a day to try her grand scheme once again.
  • Erazin Derin

    Anthro Wolf(wolfkin)

    Power: Major buffs and nerfs(+1/+1, hexproof, -1/-1, etc.)

    Backstory:Charsimatic and smart, Erazin was once a human. His goal was to become a mage, and he did so. In the process he started to look around himself and see the strengths of others, and covet them. Over the term of many months, he slaved away at making the perfect spell, and one day, took on the aspect of a wolf. The spell functioned as it should, and he saw himself as good. The villagers on the other hand... didn't. They thought he was some sort of monster, and attempted to kill him. Their, to him, sudden betrayal, along with his masterpiece, was enough to make him a planeswalker.
    One unintended side effect of his spell was that he was now ageless. He would planeswalk aimlessly for decades, but then one day, he saw a cause. He knew he could help the cause, and desired to do so. He joined the cause, and figured out how to fix his previous mistakes, sharing his blessing but not his curse. He now goes in search of worthy causes, to be a boon to those who he helps and a bane to their enemies.
    This work?
  • Urvalt Nargath

    Corruption|Wraith [going for an eldrazi hybrid here]

    Power: Weakening, withering, infect, corruption [Colorless|devoid with black synergy]

    Urvalt was once but a simple human, a man of honor and conduct, a noble knight who sought simply to better both himself and his people in times of desperation. One faithful day, in an era long passed, the plane he so dutifully protected along with other knights and soldiers of allsorts and kin, got beset upon by a ravenous titan which they called Nargath. This being of endless hunger and insurmountable power managed to rip the balance of the plane's mana assunder, infecting every living thing unfortunate to be in its path and twisting those things into grotesque abominations of their former selves.

    Soon, all hope seemed lost, till at the very brink of defeat, Urvalt's latent spark ignited and transported him away from the plane. Though perhaps favorable for the plane's survival, yet less so for himself, the knight was touched by the titan prior to the ignition of his spark, dragging the corruptive being along for the ride and as the two of them passed through the blind eternities, eternity seemed to strike back, melding and molding the two being into one. Urvalt Nargath was born; a dangerously devious being, with the intellect of the knight he once was combined with the corruption and hunger that dwelled within the titan.

    Forever changing and constantly evolving, this monster has seen various planes in various shapes and forms and the endgame within his own madness, still pulled by the preservation of his intellect, but driven mad by corruption, has become one of continuous, ever expanding corruption, to turn the entirity of the multiverse into his own image, for if all are corrupted, none should suffer the burden of corruption any longer.
  • Character 1: Des “Cain” Arden (Half-elf)
    Character 2: Sophie Leonette (human)
    Character 3: Erazin Derin (wolfkin)
    Character 4: Urvalt Nargath (wraith)
    One to go
  • Thx to @Bowler218, @Blazin_Biscuit, @DrakeGladis, and @Credius for helping with the story
  • One spot left
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    Name: Aeliel (formerly Light Aegis)
    Species: Human (transformed by magic)
    Homeplane: Equis
    Powers: Divination (scrying), augury (cards advantage), reality manipulation (returning permanents and/or exiling them)

    Backstory: Formerly an unicorn pony noble who grew envious as his intellect was overshadowed by his fellow classmate, the latest alicorn princess of Equestria, Twilight Sparkle, Aeliel then committed himself to learn the forbidden aspects of the magic itself, namely to manipulate objects permanently by using the aether. But one day his mentor, who was seemingly a trusty wizard, betrayed and banished him by using a magical artifact that looked like a mirror, as his mentor wanted nothing but to exploit him.

    But Aeliel wasn't finished as he fell down to another plane who was luckily a peaceful garden world. Transformed into a human, now he is wandering with purpose to learn new kinds of arcane spells and maybe one day return back to Equestria to exact vengeance to those who had wronged him...
  • @sajaya666 twlight sparkle, why no Nightmare moon?
  • @Credius Because Nightmare Moon is already done too many times for being a villain :3
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    @DrakeGladis So, are you that LemonShark guy? Because apparently that person hasn't responded to this contest anymore.
  • No. He is his own thing. Both of us are lupine in nature, but that is it.
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  • Character 1: Des “Cain” Arden (Half-elf)
    Character 2: Sophie Leonette (human)
    Character 3: Erazin Derin (wolfkin)
    Character 4: Urvalt Nargath (wraith)
    Character 5: Aeliel (formerly Light Aegis)
  • Name: Gilea
    species: unknown, presumed elf.
    Homeplane: Mirrodin
    Powers: fortune control/miracle-based spells(imagine lots of global buffs and tutors).

    Backstory: Gilea does not speak of her past all that often. all that is known by those around her, even after her many years living among them, is that she has plated metal seemingly grafted onto her body, and wears the tattoo of a circle struck through with a single claw mark on her left cheek like a brand.

    It is only by accident that these facts became known about her, as the man who delivers her food caught a glimpse of her without her trademark cloak concealing her form, which she has never been seen without otherwise.

    It is also from this incident that the fact came to be known that Gilea has no ears, or if she did, they were cut off, making it nearly impossible to tell if she is an elf, half-elf, or other race with a similar bone structure.
  • @strombreath um the top five characters have been chosen
  • gilea could be a secondary character
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    I wanted to enter.
  • its just ur character wont be one of the main ones
  • Any progress on the start of the rp @LemonShark ?
  • Sry im tryin to figure out where to start
  • Il start with Deso Arden
  • No, it’s ok. Take your time - I do t want to rush you. Just making sure you hadn’t forgotten ;)
  • “A long time ago in the land of ki chin, a powerful half-elf named Deso Arden was practicing his art of controlling the elements. It takes years and years of study and practice to use raw elements but Deso Arden had a gift: a natural instinct for what to do. One day on his eighteenth year Deso Arden went to ask the elders if he could become a mage. He showed off everything he had, pushed himself to the limits and it was rewarded. When he went back home to his family he told them everything that happened.”
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