Alternatives to MSE

I have all my custom cards in one set per color. But I want to give up on MSE because I never look for any piece of art. All I do is post on forum text versions without art. I was thinking on using a blog because with one I could use BB code for mana symbols and tags for each card. MSE doesn't keep dates or versions and there is no categorization, only sorting lists.


  • I decided to use wordpress, like this
  • @BiasedDice

    You could use PlaneSculptors to upload your MSE cards in a set, then you could update the set and have your previous designs in past versions of the set. That's what I do.
  • wordpress is doing well for this. I once had an account in planesculptors, but the admin told me that the site's goal was to have complete sets, not collections of cards unrelated to each other.
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