Must be experienced! -2015 Edition

Hey there creators of mystical creatures and spells!

Not sure who was a fan of the 2015 commander set, but I felt it was a mechanic in that set that could do alot more than they did with it. The main commanders for the set all used experience counters to increase in power over the course of the game. I played Kalemne, Disciple of Iroas for quite some time (I retired her to the 99 recently for Aurerlia, The Warleader) and still play Ezuri, Claw of Progress as my elf tribal deck. The power level varied greated between the 5, as Meren of Clan Nel Toth was the most powerful of the 5 in majority of the case.

There's still alot of untapped design with experience counters, so I'd like to see what other players can do with them. You can make any color or colors you like. It just needs to trigger some sort of effect based off something happening toward experience counters, then net some sort of effect based off them being built up. Obviously it needs be legendary for this contest.

Here's the 2015 experience commanders...
image image image image image

Things to keep in mind.... Tips and Rules

-The trigger can be lots of different things. If it's something very broad, balance the ability against that. If it's more specific you can make a stronger ability.

- The experience counters belong to the player, not the creature. If the creature dies/exiled/etc, you still keep all of them. Effects that proliferate will also effect them. If you had multiple experience creatures in the same deck, they'd all share the same experience counters. Otherwise the counters exist in the commander zone and most things don't interact with them.

- Again you don't need make them enemy colors like the 2015 batch. Any color or colors you like.

- Any other mechanics you want to add, custom or existing are valid. Long as you make a balanced and fun card.

- Must be a legendary creature/ or planeswalker if you can make use the experience effect. (I will forgive if you omitt the can be a commander text off if you lack space.)

-No double faced cards. Each entry is to be a single card. No Joke/un-cards.

- Up to 5 entries if you feel like doing a full cycle of some sort. I will accept older cards, but I doubt too many people made any experience based commander prior to this.

- Contest will Thanksgiving, so there's plenty of time to enter. (11/28/2019)

Any other questions or concerns, feel free to ask.

Prizes- 5 favorites of your choosing for first, 4 for second, 3 for 3rd. (Plus whatever honorable mentions depending on the turn out.)

I typically favorite any entries I like even if you don't win.Have fun, and I hope see plenty of entries.

!!!Edit/addendum I will also have separate awards for the best Experience support cards made in this contest. I've seen a couple posted, so I decided I will support that as well. They will be up to 5 entries as well, but won't count toward you legends. So you can make 5 support cards and 5 legends, as a total of 10 cards. Edit/addendum!!!!



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