Undersea Commons Contest - by CommanderParatus

Hey guys, welcome to THE UNDERSEA COMMONS CONTEST!!!

As the title implies, I want you to create common cards that are about undersea creatures. BUT, I don't just want any creature. I want 3 different creatures that use eachother. If you have all three out, you get a bonus from each. I would rather not have merfolk creatures. I like octopuses, starfish, jellyfish, dolphins, you name it. Here are my criteria:

1. Make 3 common cards
2. They must be underwater creatures. I personally love Sigiled Starfish, so make it similar to that.
3. They must each correlate with each other, meaning they must have abilities that require the others.
4. You must have fun. No questions asked.

Here is what I will be judging on.

1. Names [?/10]
2. Art [?/10]
3. Abilities [?/10]
4. Fits Criteria [?/10]

Have Fun!!
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