Chat seen as spam just over COMMENTING how I want it...

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This must stop NOW. And DON'T kill the messenger In the process.
I don't know where to find your blasted elitist report button.

All I replied on a card was: "It must have a double choice" and it was seen as spam even over that.

… yes, I'm a FIRE type.
- you would be too if all you see is insolent fools that show no proper civics.


  • I'm so confused. Are you talking about Disqus?
  • a message I always get the spam report on right on the card maker.

    They report my posts as spam just because of a polite comment.
    That's UNCIVIL trolling.

    I don't mind the trolling, but it has to be CIVIL for me to tolerate it.
  • @Reizon
    Why are you commenting on flawed cards, that show no promise for improvement at the moment?

    Give the support and feedback to cards that are looking for it instead of complaining about some people who can't take feedback. This thread posted here doesn't serve much purpose other than to vent.
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    I knew that, but being a fire type, I cannot overlook the lack of civics on their account. I see little enough civics in my life as is.

    … it IS trolling to condemn that, although I had every intention of remaking.
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    The issue is not that you're complaining. It's that your posting a wasteful thread when you should be speaking to a moderator via PM instead. They may be busy around this time of year, but you can wait a while for a reply.

    The forums are for constructive feedback, not berating the haters of feedback.

    Please don't post this kind of thread in the future, as it leads to nowhere.

    Myself move to close this thread, due to the frivolous nature of it.
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    Your fueling the fire with that comment, when I don't even know how to report.
    … and with that comment, how do I know that your not in league with them?
  • @Reizon
    Just use the inbox at the top of your forum page to contact Corwinnn or mtgcardsmith. That's all you have to do to make a claim against the automated system.
  • … THANKS.
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    I found out that No matter who or where I post, EVERY comment is treated as spam no matter how civil I am.
  • @Reizon - I'll go and look at it
  • Alright @Reizon... you should be ready for comments... not sure why you were marked as a spammer, but you were.
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