• If you join my monster? Challenge. Myself will join yours.
  • @KorandAngels - Generally people don't enter contests for the same reason why you don't enter other people's contests.
  • But almost all the ones I don't enter have lots of other entrants.
  • My challenge only has approx 5-6 cardsmiths in it. Despite what it may seem.
  • Two of them are definitely enamoured by it.
  • @KorandAngels I wasn't aware you had any contests so I will apologize on my behalf for not knowing. I will check yours out as well as @Revan and @murkletins here soon I've just been busy sorry. I didn't even get to judge my ninja turtle contest early so its still running until Thanksgiving. It doesnt have a lot of traffic either sadly but that's how these contests go sometimes, but don't give up on the cardsmith's. Sometimes people are too busy, you have to catch people at the right time. :)
  • @KorandAngels The participation level in my contests fluctuates in mine as well. I’m pretty busy, but I’ll check yours out if I get the chance!
  • This issue has reemerged.
  • @KorandAngels I'm going to try and do a quick list of potential reasons. These are only what I think might be the main reasons and so could be completely incorrect.

    - Your contests tend not to be clearly defined. This is certainly one of the main factors in my eyes. The contests you make never seem to have clear goals or finishing times. War of the Sands, for example, was basically just described as "Here are a few random ideas and two oddly-colored factions, now go and make some cards with them".

    While some people will use things like this for inspiration on one or two cards, I'd argue that the lack of clearly defined anything (feedback, goals or even just an end date with a scoreboard so that you can feel that your card did well) puts people off. If I only want to make one card, I'd rather make it for a well-defined contest or just to test out one of my own ideas with no goal or contest in mind.

    - Your contests might not be interesting enough. Most contests that I see doing well seem to fit into one of two categories. The first of those are challenges that ask people to work with something relevant, such as the challenge to create cards with escape that just finished. The second are those that do something that plays on the imagination, such as KalamMekhar's "One Letter Challenge". Those inspire ideas, then people make the ideas into cards because they like them and post them there.

    - I think you might grate on some people a little. Please don't take this as an insult or similar, it's purely a statement of what I suspect. You do some things that people on the site may find annoying such as failing to take on / act upon advice, caps-lock shouting and arguing points with people when you probably shouldn't. Things like this might make people less inclined to enter a contest being run by you as opposed to somebody else. I haven't been paying too much attention to the community for the past month or so and so some or all of those might not be applicable any more, but it's still worth thinking on.
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    Yes, I am sorry about that.
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    Right now it's a little slow for contests. The Stitia Saga had a lot of attendance early on, and right now it's running at a snails pace. Many people are busy with school, work, and for some, both, so you'll probably have to be patient.
  • School has started again, @Tommia is right, this always drags people away and slows down site traffic until people get into the groove again
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