Bad Designs Challenge [Congrats(?) @shadow123]

"Rules and schools are tools for fools. I don't give two mules for rules."
-Constance Contraire, character in The Mysterious Benedict Society by Trenton Lee Stewart

You're scrolling through MTGCardsmith and you notice it: a card so repugnant to the rules of Magic that you just want it to disappear. Does whoever made that know how mana costs work? you think. Have they heard of the color pie? Do they even know how to play Magic, expletive? Of course, they might not. They might also be making cards for educational purposes, for a non-Magic game they're making, or just for fun, without regard for rules. But still.

Well, in this contest, we will be celebrating the worst of the worst. A few ground rules, though:
1. Only submit your cards. This contest is not meant to mock people.
2. Submissions don't have to be new - let's see how far you've come as a cardsmith!
3. Only one main submission per person. You can submit more than one card, but please select one to be judged.
4. All cards must be submitted by Friday, December 6.


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