Hey folks!

Some of you might have heard of, or done this challenge called Inktober. Inktober is something where you make a drawing each day in October, with a specific category/prompt. SO! I'm gonna do this kinda thing, except for custom cards. This isn't a contest, it's just a challenge for you all. There are 31 different prompts/ideas listed below for each day of the month. You don't need to do one each day, but it's expected you do NO MORE than one each day. And remember, this starts and goes through the month of December, so please don't start beforehand. This is being posted early for all of you to be ready for this. Here are the prompts/ideas!

1. Snow Permanent
2. A creature of a colour that's not normal for it, e.g. a blue goblin, a green vampire, a black hydra
3. Winter Equipment
4. Cozy
5. Ice and Fire
6. Holiday Demon
7. Power 10 (make a stupidly broken, yet flavourful card)
8. Food/candy
9. Explosion
10. Weird (creature type)
11. 0 mana enchantment
12. Freeze counters (make it up!)
13. Dungeons and Dragons item artifact
14. Vehicle
15. Citizen
16. Green control
17. Red lifegain
18. Blue aggro
19. White creature card draw (CHANGED!)
20. Black big bois
21. Uncommon planeswalker
22. Gift
23. Land tokens ({t}, sacrifice this land: Add {_})
24. Fortify (equip land basically. Look it up)
25. Choose a mythical creature who's myth has originated near where you live, and make a card of it (Like the Loch Ness Monster if you live near Loch Ness Lake)
26. Tiny to big, or big to tiny (like a huge faerie or a tiny sphinx)
27. Pizza
28. Land destruction except turns lands to wastes
29. Un card
30. Peaceful
31. Celebration!

No older cards though, please. I'd like to see new ones.


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