One-Mana Planeswalkers Contest

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Hey y'all! Welcome to my 2nd contest :)

So @Xero0 got me thinking earlier about the couple of one-mana planeswalkers I made and that it'd be neat if we had a contest for it, so I've decided to host one. So that I don't get stressed out with judging this time, there will only be 3rd, 2nd, and 1st place prizes. I will favorite all cards entered into the conest, however (As long as they follow the rules)!
image image
(Not sure if these examples are any good but they're just examples),

-Must be one mana
_Must be balanced
-Must be comprehensible and follow magic's rules
-Old cards are allowed
-You can make multiple submissions, however I will only judge one. If you submit multiple, let me know which you want to be your official submission.

3rd - 3 Favorites of your choice
2nd - 4 Favorites of your choice
1st - 5 Favorites of your choice + Follow (If I'm already following, then 8 Favorites of your choice).

Contest ends DECEMBER 31ST; May take me a little while to judge. Also, sorry if I mess up at any time along this contest's progression; I had some people unsatisfied with the results of the last one I hosted. Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions.


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