Religion Set on a plane called Rehia - Set Design Phase

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I suck at writing intros so I will skip to the point...

I was inspired to do this by @Ningyounk's Rezatta set, specifically their Masterwork mechanic which I created a new mechanic off of (He even helped me with the wording, the link to the thread is here), also inspired to make this thread and the accompanying layout by @Tigersol (They are also working on a set of their own, the link is here)

What is the Set Design Phase?

Unlike Exploratory Design or even World Design, Set Design is actually putting the concept into a set (World is about designing the world and lore itself while Exploratory is, well, trying to fit this into a set.) To sum it up, this is the phase where we make the mechanics and the skeletons and the cards.

What do I mean by "Religion Set"?

I won't get too heavily into this as, unlike Tigersol's set, Religion has already been explored (Just look at the Theros and the Amonkhet sets.) What I will get into is why my set and story aren't just run-of-the-mill ones about religion and zealotry and yada yada, in my set, people and even animals can become gods just from the fact that somebody legitimately believes that you are a god, want an example?

Boy gets struck by lightning and survives, his friends being young and naive end up believing he can now harness lightning and bam, this dude can handle lightning.

"But Envy, that doesn't have anything to do with becoming a god!"

Yes, but it does show how the magic system works on this world and how that does trickle down to gods, just replace the context and this very situation can end with someone becoming a god.

Gameplay Functionality?

How does that concept fit into designing cards? Simple.

A mechanic (The one mentioned in the introduction that Ningyounk helped me with) called Supreme Deity fits that hole, the text is simple, (When this spell resolves, choose a creature you control. If you don't have a Supreme Deity, that creature becomes your Supreme Deity.) The only creatures able to have Supreme Deity are those Rare and above, lest there be too many "Deities".

Additionally, when a creature has Supreme Deity, they must have "If ~ is your Supreme Deity, it becomes a God among its other types and has "(Enchantment-like effect here)", this only allows space for a small ability, but regardless this along with only creatures of rare or higher being able to have it makes it so a new offset of Commanders are created.

Avoiding Pitfalls

"Ahhhh! There will be too many gods!"

That is where you are wrong, buckaroo, even though there are a ton of religions on my plane, some don't have gods, some are extinct, and even then some won't even be included.

All-in-all, the amount added up was even less than the amount for Theros, around 11, that saying the amount for Theros was 15 and they were actual Legendary Enchantment Creatures while these aren't, soooooo

Other Sources

"Where can I learn about this stuff?"

Here you go

Some of them aren't filled out yet but you do get your information.

(The doc is no longer working!)

Here is a reference!



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