New MTG Cardsmith Mainpage and Forum Ideas

Hey y'all, Camarilla here and I'm writing this forum discussion to ask you a question: What would you add to MTG Cardsmith?

I know that this might seem a bit of a repeat to the survey we took back in January, but I want to know some of the specific ideas you had; just add them on to this thread so that others can see your ideas too. In the end, it's ideas that keep this place running, right?

In conclusion, the foundation of MTG Cardsmith and it's forums are changing rapidly. If you want to see a change, regardless of whether or not it really happens, show the community (and me, because I really want to know).



  • I, for one, would like to see Disqus and MTG Cardsmith merge so that you could get a notification through Disqus if your card is favorited, liked, et cetrea.
  • I would like to see if it would be possible to edit comments like you can on Discus. I am constantly editing the contest page, and so I adore that ability. Having that ability on here would make it a lot easier for people, @Tomigon, for example, who made a series of remakes of some cards, but could not edit... he just had to keep making comments that said to ignore the previous comments.
  • Thanks for mentioning about me as an example :D……...?
  • @Tomigon... you're always a good example! Of course not when you steal my card ideas before I have them! :D
  • I would like for people to look and see my post about updates! Just kidding (sort of)

    Folders and stuff to organize cards maybe by sets, colors, or whatever you want, because that would make it so much easier then having to log into 3 or 4 different accounts.
  • I wanna see more cat cards.

    And more balanced 20/20 creatures.
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