Are you a fan of madness? challenge (Cards using fan art of intellectual properties)

Hello fellow cardsmiths, myself thought, "Maybe we should start a fan art challenge!"

"Hence, here we are with the plan of uploading cards featuring fan art for various intellectual properties. You don't have to have made the artwork yourself, so feel free to use any artwork you can find online!"

1) 7 card entry limit. (May increase, if others want to upload further!)
1B) For intellectual properties myself post comments labelled "Blurbs", you can post any number of additional entries for those.
2) The Cards must use artwork from fans of intellectual properties.
3) You can swap out or edit your entries, anytime before the due date.
4) Credit the artist of the used artwork on the card.
5) Cards can't be made before November 1st, 2019.

Why do myself post rule 1B, it's essentially an option to get people out of their comfort zone and myself will offer bonus prizes to winners of these "Blurbs".

For each of the top three entrants, 3 favorites and a follow.
"Blurbs", will have separate prizes for those who want to win more stuff.
"Might add more later based on popularity of this challenge."

Time to bring on the lyrics of madness, fellow cardsmiths!



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