Make way for weekly showings!

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Hello All!

I wanted to reach out and let you all know I will start streaming MTG content through Twitch. And I wanted to ensure I included the wonderful group of creators here at MTG Cardsmith!

The rundown of the show:
Every week on Friday or Saturday (TBD as of now) around 6PM EST, I will be hosting an MTG show. The show will consist of my friend and I building decks from the ground up that are designed by the community. During the show we will highlight our selections and provide knowledge towards why the cards selected are beneficial to the deck. There will also be shout outs to the User who submits the decks we have selected and a lot of fun times. And since we have yet to build our own community, I am including everyone here from the MTGCardsmith community from here on out! Note: These decks will be constructed with MTG official cards

Eventually we will expand this show to include other variant games like Pauper, Two-Headed Giant, and Archenemy.

As mentioned above, each week we will construct decks chosen by the community from nothing but our collections. This will provide a challenging and fun time for us and the viewers. So please leave a comment with the criteria below, as well as a link to a card you'd like favored!

Criteria to include:
Format: (EDH or Modern only)
*Additional Banned Cards: (Optional)
*Extras: (Optional) (This can vary. You can add things like "Only two of any single card instead of a playset". or "Limit of 14 creature cards." or "No board wipes" etc. etc.)

With this in mind, we have yet to pick a start date since we a have to get a few more things settled with the stream. Like who's place will we do it at, schedule conflicts, duration of stream, etc. etc.

So as a start, feel free to leave a comment with your deck ideas! Please keep each deck idea in a separate comment because each comment you leave with a deck idea, i'd like you to leave a link to a card you'd like favored! Don't be afraid to add creativity to the deck idea as well!

Feel free to leave suggestions and regular comments as well!

As a note, I will post again with my channel name and official debut time of the show, as well as schedules!

Thank you!


  • Single-coloured commander with a limit of 25 artifacts?
  • @KorandAngels Like, a maximum of 25 artifacts right? Thats a big limit, i don't think i've ever put 25 artifacts into an EDH deck before. Not even one built around artifacts. Lol. But don't forget to add a link to a card you want favored since you left a suggestion :)
  • Oh. ((One of the more famous single-coloured commanders is actually an artifact.) If you find this to easy, tighten the limit thingummy.)
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