Cycle Challenge - Instants

With the third Cycle Challenge having just ended, it's time for the next Cycle Challenge

The Cycle Challenge - INSTANTS!

Like a lot of you, I really love a good cycle of cards. Let's try this out and see how it goes. If people seem to like this, we will continue to have a new challenge each week for the next few weeks or so.

This weeks Cycle Challenge: Instants
Here are the rules...
1. Must be an Instant.
2. CMC and rarity should be consistent.
3. Must have 5 Instants, one of each color, to complete the cycle.
4. Try to fit each one into it's color with both FLAVOR and EFFECT.

Judging will be based on flavor, votes, and comments, as well as playability and balance

The reward for this challenge shall be a TROPHY and a custom card of choice! The top three cycles will be announced.

This challenge will end on July 31st

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