Advanced mana SYMBOLS!

When I was looking some of @Reizon's threads, I came up with these ideas:

-Machine mana symbol
({m} can be paid with one mana from an artifact.)

-Void mana symbols
({_/v} can be paid with either {_} or by exiling a ____ card from your hand.)

Then I thought what else everyone can come up with..
So here's the contest! Design some special mana symbols like snow, hybrid, phyrexian mana symbols!

All I need to know is the symbol's name and how it can be paid.
You don't need to make images of the symbols/cards. But if you want to explain your card idea, feel free to do it like this:
CARD NAME, Mana cost
Card type - Sub type, Rarity

Of course you can post images if you can create them. Sketches of the symbols are also welcome!

No limit of entries per person.
I will decide the deadline when this contest gets 3 submissions
Top 3 designers get the following prize-
1st - 5 faves
2nd - 4 faves
3rd - 3 faves



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